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Why your e-scooter suddenly slow down in the rain?


Recently, it rained a lot, so many people reported that the heavy rain made e-scooter difficult to ride. Especially sometimes the e-scooter will suddenly slow down, why? Many consumers thought the E-scooter battery was malfunctioning. Here’s what happened:

“When it rains or the ground is wet after a rain, the speed of my e-scooter drops abruptly within a few minutes and it can only go about 12 yards,” says the user. “Same thing with stopping and restarting, same thing with taking the battery out and re-installing it. But the strange thing is that the rear wheels that bounce up a slight slope (which is when the back of the e-scooter is pressed and the reaction speeds up but lasts up to 30 seconds or just a move), leave it for a few hours or a night then it can work well again. Only can’t run if it rains. May I ask what the situation is?”


In experience, there are two possibilities for this problem: either the speed control to water, or the controller wiring is flooded. 

1.May be the speed controller into the water. E-scooters are more afraid of water than heat. So stop the e-scooter outdoor in the rainy day, it is best to use plastic bags to wrap up the speed control and brake handles. When riding, the raincoat covers the speed control bar and brake bar.

2.It is also possible that the controller is flooded, you need to open the controller, wipe the circuit board with alcohol, and then seal the package, or change the controller to try. Probably solve the problem.

If an e-scooter sudden slow down when it is running (not in rainy days), the reasons may be as follows:

1.Battery power is low, resulting in insufficient output current;

2.The e-scooter controller is damaged, or the internal contact of the throttle knob is poor;

3.Friction between brake block and brake drum is caused by something entering the brake drum.


  • First, fully charge the battery;
  • Open the cushion to maintenance controller, please replace immediately if have odor or burn marks;
  • Remove the throttle knob to check whether the sliding contact is in bad contact;
  • Put up the e-scooter and rotate the front and rear wheels by hand to see if there is anything sound in the brake drum.If there is, you need to remove the brake cover to clean up.

Most e-scooter has been sprayed for a long time in the development process, and there is special device is used in the brake handle part, waterproof performance is good. it can be used in rainy days, wading depth is not more than 220 mm.

Scooter Battery in rain 1

However, we do not recommend that people use e-scooters in the rain. Because the e-scooter is afraid of wet not afraid of dry, afraid of cold not afraid of hot (of course also can not be extremely hot). Battery most afraid of water, once the battery is flooded, the battery life will be greatly reduced. Of course, as long as the regular manufacturers, the general battery shell are good and airtight, but it is difficult to guarantee there is no exceptions or bump.

So for the safety of your e-scooter, it is recommended that you use less in rainy days. When choosing the battery, try to choose high quality, good reputation brand battery. SmartPropel has been deeply engaged in lithium batteries for more than 10 years, 90% of the core components of its lithium batteries are imported brand batterie cell, and different BMS protection systems are applied according to the customers’ requirement to ensure the stability and reliability of the batteries.

SmartPropel Original Writer: Michelle