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Why the new bought electric bike stopped working in 12 months?

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Now everyone’s standard of living level has improved, many people will choose to buy a electric scooter or electric bike for comfortable traveling themselves, but it is easy to buy a scooter or ebike, it is not easy to maintenance well and let the scooter always stay a longer driving mileage.

If you find that your Ebike battery isn’t working, or your battery drive distance become shorter, you’re doing something wrong.

1. Wait until the battery is totally out of power before you charge it

It’s a mistake for many people to wait until their electric bike battery run out of power before recharging. The battery damage is so great that we can see how much power your electric bike battery remains when we charge it, and when your electric bike is only left a third of its capacity, it’s ready to be charged.

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2. Takes too long to charge

When you’re done with your electric bike, many people will stay up all night charging it. Don’t do that. Because long-term charging will keep the customize lithium battery in a saturated state, the battery will expand, and even there will be gas, so that the battery life will be reduced.

3. Charge in extreme cold or extreme hot atmosphere

If you are charging in pretty hot weather, it will cause the internal structure of the battery disorder, may cause a very big impact on the battery. It’s cold in winter, so when you’re charging your 48V electric bike battery or 72V electric motorcycle battery, don’t do it at very low temperatures, or you’ll have a huge impact on the internal structure of the battery.

4. Electric bike is idle for long periods of time

Many people have bought electric bike, have not driven for a long time, it has been kept at home. This is wrong. If you leave your electric bike unattended for a long time, the battery itself will discharge, and the internal wiring will also become aging.

5. Random use other brands of chargers

Pls use the battery charger purchased from SmartPropel or the battery charger recommended by SmartPropel, To make sure that the battery charger is suitable for the Ebike battery.Keep in mind that if you use another brand of charger which is not suitable, it will definitely have an impact on the battery itself, resulting in a reduction in battery life.

6. Drive overload

Electric bike are light on their own, and can be very dangerous if you’re overloaded. As you add more weight, you add more pressure to the battery, which puts more power into your bike to keep you going, and and if always drive over load and over time, performance may decreases.

These points if you normally pay attention to during daily use, then your battery life, will be greatly extended, do not make these kinds of mistakes, otherwise the consequences are very serious.

Many people buy electric bikes, do not know how to maintain, as long as the more attention to these things in mind, it will be fine.

SmartPropel Original Writer: Nancy