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Why Lithium iron Phosphate Energy Storage Battery most popular?

Energy storage lithium battery

With the strong demand of social development and huge potential market, lithium battery energy storage technology is developing in the direction of large-scale, high efficiency, long life, low cost and no pollution. Lithium battery energy storage is the most feasible technical route at present.

SmartPropel 12V lifepo4 battery for energy storage has below series: 12V 50Ah lifepo4 battery,12V 100Ah lifepo4 battery battery,12V 150Ah lifepo4 battery,12V 200Ah lifepo4 battery,12V 300Ah lifepo4 battery, etc. Our lithium iron phosphate battery has below advantage.

  1. The lithium iron phosphate battery has relatively high energy density and high endurance capacity, and with the application of the lithium iron phosphate cathode material, the life and safety of the traditional carbon anode lithium ion power battery have been greatly improved, preferred for energy storage applications.
  2. lifepo4 battery cell cycle life is long, in the future to improve the relatively low energy density , poor endurance, high price these shortcomings make lithium battery in the field of energy storage applications become possible.
  3. The 12V lithium iron phosphate battery has the advantages of good ratio performance, easy preparation, improving high temperature performance and poor cycle performance in the future are more favorable for application in energy storage field.
  4. Lithium battery have very significant advantages of green environmental protection, energy storage, has become a variety of advanced energy storage products main supporting UPS power supply.

Application of lithium battery energy storage in UPS industry

  1. Data centers

With the development of lithium-ion battery technology and the decrease of cost, the compact lithium-ion battery UPS can reduce the space occupied by 50-80% , and play an important role in data center. Today, lithium-ion battery UPS are also entering data centers, providing continuous power to servers, storage, data and other IT devices. Lithium battery began to enter the UPS Battery Market, small series that: Data Center Power Supply System using lithium battery UPS will become a trend.

2. Industrial control equip

Industrial control system, it needs high quality, high stability power supply. When the power grid system is suddenly cut off, the power supply must be maintained for a certain period of time in order to protect the data of the industrial control system and keep the field instruments and control valves in a safe position, at the same time to ensure that the process can do emergency handling, to prevent accidents.

  1. Fire Rescue

UPS lithium battery storage power looks like a rod box, can be moved at any time, convenient to carry, small size and large power, so widely used in outdoor emergency power scenarios. Outdoor emergencies of all kinds are common. When natural disasters and sudden events come, such as earthquakes, tsunamis, mudslides and other sudden disasters, most areas will be cut off power, or even the circuit is down, at this time search and rescue work without power also appears blind, can not provide disaster prevention and mitigation, medical treatment and other related assistance to the masses.