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Why is the battery life of the new GB electric bicycle so short?

Ebike lithium battery

My friend bought a Lead acid battery electric scooter last year, which is supposed to be a motor vehicle and has a range of about 60 kilometers. I bought an electric bike the other day, one with lithium batteries, but I found that the range is really quite short, just over 30 kilometers. It’s gonna be charged in three days. It’s really frustrating.

He talked with me, and I told him not all of the new GB electric bikes have a short range, and some have a long range in line with the new GB standards. The Smartpropel Ebike lithium battery, for example, has a range of up to 80 km.

First, explain why most electric bikes are powered by lithium batteries.

Let’s take a look at the specific requirements of the new national standard for electric bicycles.

The new national standard stipulates that electric bicycles must have pedaling function, the maximum speed is less than 25km/h, and the speed is up to 15km/h.

Motor power ≤400W, battery voltage ≤48V, vehicle mass ≤55kg, belong to non-motor vehicle.

The first thing that comes into play with electric vehicles is the battery. Electric cars use a combination of Lead acid battery and lithium ion batteries. Lead acid batteries have a large mass, and the larger the battery capacity, the larger the volume. Because the new national standard has imposed a limit on the quality of the whole vehicle, requiring the whole vehicle not to exceed 55kg, for many new national standard electric bicycles, using a set of good 36V 15Ah Ebike battery instead of lead-acid batteries, the whole vehicle weight will be not exceeded 55kg, and it last longer. So lighter, more energy-dense lithium-ion batteries are a better bet.

Ebike lithium battery

So why not choose a larger lithium-ion battery for a longer battery life. Because lithium-ion batteries were more expensive and more active than lead-acid batteries, the bigger the battery, the more unstable it became also will increase the weight loaded by the car.

However, battery is not the only factor that affects the endurance of an ebike.

Take the example of the new GB electric bicycle . The FEAA Scarab uses a green lithium-ion battery 48V 15Ah that can last up to 80 km with 800 cycles.

In addition to the use of the exclusive use of the lithium-ion battery, FEA also used a liquid-cooled motor, and carried a soc precision power display system to further improve the battery life.

A lot of people think that battery life is all about the battery, but it’s also about the motor. Many people will find that after a year or two of using their electric bikes, they don’t have enough power to get far even if they are fully charged. In addition to the battery, it could also be a problem with the motor. Ordinary motor is difficult to solve the high temperature and water-induced motor rust demagnetization problem, which eventually led to the electric vehicle power consumption quickly.

To solve this problem, some Ebike manufacture like Luyuan creatively gives a solution of adding “Insulating coolant”to the motor. solve this problem by utilizing the fast heat conduction of the insulating coolant, which can be attached to the motor to prevent oxidation and rusting, and the unique gas exchange system and full sealing. Not only the life of the motor is greatly extended, but also the endurance of the electric bike is enhanced.