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Where can I get my best battery?

lithium ion batttery for EV

Choose your new battery from one of the world’s largest battery manufacturers.  

As a leading factory, SmartPropel have been specializes in customized lithium ion battery, electric vehicle battery, AGV/ATV/RV/Forklift, 12V LiFePO4 lithium battery and household energy storage. Additionally, we’re also among the top 100 worldwide lithium battery manufacturers, as well as the NCM and LiFePO4 battery.

SmartPropel is a professional lithium battery manufacturer and energy solution provider.Supported by 3 production base, our main product line covers most lithium battery in diversity field, one-stop station for worldwide customers.

We start with environment-friendly production while adopting the semi-automatic flow operation mode to ensure good production efficiency. We strictly control every detail, insisting on not accepting incoming defective materials, not producing defective products, or not shipping defective products. Committed to the development of high capacity, high quality, high-performance lithium battery products. Each product conforms to safety and quality standards such as ISO 9001, ISO14001, OHSAS18001, and IATF16949.  This means you can be sure of the excellent quality of our products.

We are also proud to offer a custom service to our customers. If you need a custom-made battery for a specific application, speak to us, we can help to work out. We will design and manufacture batteries and cells according to your specific requirements. Whether you are designing your own electric car or a device for a particular application, do not hesitate to contact us. We will provide a one-stop 5 star service that is a fully integrative battery solution.

We have a large range of battery designs available. Whenever you have something in mind, our experts can assist with implementing your design. Moreover, we’ll also provide advice and suggestions should you need them. On top of that, our customer service is superb. From beginning to end, we are the top battery manufacturer to choose for your new battery.