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When purchasing lithium iron phosphate battery what should we pay attention to?

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Iron phosphate lithium battery is a kind of widely used lithium battery, which plays an important role in the lithium battery family. When purchasing lithium iron phosphate batteries, you must pay attention to several issues, including brand choice, as well as price trends. These must be investigated clearly before purchase, now follow SmartPropel to find details on how to choose lithium batteries.

Lithium-ion batteries, with their proven efficiency and safety, have grown rapidly in sales, even at high prices. Consumers should pay attention to the following aspects when choosing lithium batteries.

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1.Environmental temperature

In the case of rechargeable batteries, the effect of ambient temperature on battery life is often neglected. The battery self-discharge rate is much higher when the temperature is too high or too low, in particular, the high temperature will greatly reduce the battery life, so try to have a deep communicate with engineers, give them equipment usage environment, so that the battery performance will be better in this way.

2.Whether the lithium iron phosphate battery is equipped with a protective board

Without the Protective circuit Board, lithium Battery has the danger of deformation, leakage, and explosion. In a race to cheaper cost, companies have sought lower prices for protective circuit boards, or omitted the device altogether, so the market is flooding with potentially explosive lithium-ion batteries. Consumers can not tell from the appearance of whether there is a protective circuit board, it is best to choose a reputable business purchase. Take SmartPropel 72V 100Ah Golf Cart Lithium battery pack for example, to ensure the battery pack excellent performance and safety, we apply BMS for the battery pack, which can accurately monitor the battery cell current, voltage and temperature,maximum reduce the safety risk.

3.Choose the reliable brand of lithium iron phosphate battery

Choose a lithium battery brand based on your actual needs. As for what brand is more suitable for their products, it depends on the actual use. Customization is necessary to make sure the battery pack is suitable for your products. Energy Storage Electric Lithium iron phosphate battery pack has the advantages of high energy density, small volume, lightweight, safety and environmental protection, long service life, high-temperature performance compared with lead-acid battery.

4.Evaluating the price of Lithium Iron phosphate batteries

In the Internet age, we can wholesale lithium iron phosphate batteries through many platforms. Procurement personnel can go online to see the different types of lithium iron phosphate battery prices. Of course, do not have to order online, you can first understand its price, so as not to be fooled by others. The price of natural lithium iron phosphate batteries varies greatly from brand to brand. You should not only just focus on price but also pay high attention to quality. The too low price may have the risk of poor material and bad pack craft. The balance between quality and price.

Above are some problems that you purchase Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries should pay attention to, with lithium battery quality detection methods. I hope that can help you.

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