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What’s the difference between a 72-volt and a 60-volt electric vehicle?

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Electric vehicles are used by many people on a daily basis. For most people, 48-volt electric cars are more popular, but 48-volt electric cars have obvious disadvantages, in the speed, power, range is poor, and can not meet all the needs of the car, so there are 72-volt and 60-volt electric car appear.

72-volt and 60-volt electric cars, they are different from 48-volt non-motor vehicle status, they are both a kind of motor vehicle, so, since the same motor vehicle, what are the differences between 72-volt and 60-volt electric cars? Tell you the answer, so that you will not choose the wrong vehicle.

Key components result in differences in speed, range, and power

The inconsistency between a 72V electric motorcycle battery and a 60V electric motorcycle battery in key components like the battery also makes a difference in the speed, range and power of a vehicle, as you can see by comparing them below

Speed: 72V > 60V electric vehicle, generally 72 V electric vehicle belongs to 72V electric motorcycle battery, speed can be more than 50 km/h, while 60 V electric motorcycle battery belongs to electric scooter, the speed is less than 50 kilometers per hour.

Range: 72-volt > 60-volt evs, even with the same capacity, will have a 72V 60Ah lithium battery range greater than 60V 60Ah lithium battery, for example. This is mainly because 72-volt evs have 20 series batteries, which can provide a much larger range, on the basis of 50AH, the 60-volt range is around 130 km and the 70-volt range is around 150 km.

Power: 72-volt > 60-volt electric vehicles. In general, electric scooters are more powerful than mopeds. 72-volt electric scooters typically have 1200W or more motors, while 60-volt electric vehicles typically have 800W motors, 1000W motor power, in climbing, acceleration, 72-volt electric vehicles are more advantageous.

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There are two key components that differ between a 72-volt and a 60-volt electric car:

Both 72-volt and 60-volt electric vehicles, because of their identity, are motor vehicles and do not have to comply with the parameters of the new national standard for electric vehicles, which makes them unrestricted in terms of body weight. Therefore, from the appearance, 72-volt and 60-volt electric cars can be configured exactly the same, but, however you imagine it, 72-volt and 60-volt electric cars have two key components that are bound to be different.

Part 1: the battery, the battery capacity of a 72-volt and 60-volt electric car may be the same, for example, one is 72V 30AH and the other is 60V 30AH, but there is a discrepancy in the number of batteries, the 72-volt battery is made up of 20 Series NCM battery or 23S LFP battery , while the 60-volt battery is made up of 17 Series NCM battery or 20 Series LFP battery.

60V lithium battery hot selling models are: 60V 20AH battery, 60V 30Ah battery, 60V 45Ah battery, 60V 60Ah battery.

72V lithium battery hot selling models are: 72V 30Ah battery, 72V 45Ah battery ,72V 50Ah battery, 72V 80Ah battery, 72V 100Ah battery,72V 150Ah battery, 72V 200Ah battery,72V 300Ah battery.

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Part 2: The Charger, one of the key components of an electric motorcycle, is the part that provides the current input to the battery, which is configured to be tightly connected to the battery, so the battery is different, the charger used is not the same, and, can not be mixed 60-volt and 72-volt charger, otherwise it will cause battery damage.

What’s the best choice for a 72-volt or 60-volt electric motorcycle?

From the above comparison and analysis, we can see that 72-volt electric vehicle has advantages in many aspects, but”Existence is reasonable”. If 72-volt electric vehicle can completely crush 60-volt electric vehicle, there’s no room for a 60-volt electric car, and since it’s one of the three major electric vehicle configurations, in many cases, it’s actually more cost-effective, what’s the best choice for a 72-volt or 60-volt electric car? SmartPropel will tell you the answer.

The 60-volt electric vehicle is generally an electric moped. Its characteristic is that it can not take people with it. It is suitable for long-distance travel.

(1) A person travel: because it can not carry people, if only a person travel, 60-volt electric car is the first choice.

(2) Commuting more than 10 kilometers: 48-volt electric cars can be chosen for less than 10 kilometers, but 60-volt electric cars are a better choice for more than 10 kilometers.

(3) The elderly travel: if the elderly choose transportation, and can not accept the disadvantages of 48-volt electric car, 60-volt electric car is the first choice.

The 72-volt electric vehicle is generally an electric motorcycle. Its characteristics are very similar to that of a motorcycle. It can carry one person.It has the advantages of endurance, speed, power, more suitable for long-distance travel.

(1) Delivery Rider: delivery delivery for speed, range, power requirements are high, 72-volt electric car is the first choice.

(2) Want to experience the fun of motorcycles: now many 72-volt electric vehicles, the target is a motorcycle, in speed, power and motorcycles can be a high and low.

(3) motorcycle: 72 volt electric vehicle can carry people, many people use it in the subway entrance, the entrance to the mall for passenger solicitation.

That’s the analysis of how 72-volt and 60-volt electric cars are different and how they can be chosen more cost-effectively. So, through the introduction above, do you think that 72-volt and 60-volt electric cars, which is worth choosing? We welcome your comments and exchanges.