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What Parameters Should Be Specified For Customizing Lithium Battery?

SmartPropel Custom Battery

Why need battery customization?

Many users install batteries in the existing space. When the conventional battery size on the market can not meet the existing space size, they need to customize batteries with appropriate size. 

Parameters required for customizing batteries:

1. Battery size

The size of the space where the lithium-ion battery is placed will affect the capacity of the supporting lithium-ion battery pack. It is better to communicate with the lithium-ion battery manufacturer before ordering the lithium-ion battery in the certain space, so as to avoid the situation where the ideal and reality are very different. 

2. Voltage

Because the voltage of the lithium-ion battery pack is not a fixed value but a wide range, it is necessary to ensure that the equipment can withstand the corresponding voltage value. 

3. Capacity

It is necessary to know how long the equipment works continuously, because it will be related to determining the capacity of the lithium-ion battery pack to be customized. 

4. Power

In addition to the rating of the electrical appliance, the instantaneous power shall also be considered. When supporting lithium battery for motor of equipment, it is also necessary to understand the instantaneous maximum power for suitable BMS selection.

5. Charge / discharge port

Confirm the input and output ports of the lithium ion battery to fit the equipments or vehicles.

6. Cycle life

It should be understood in advance that the service life of customized lithium-ion batteries is expected. The service life of LiFePO4 is generally 3000 cycles, while NCM battery cycle life is around 1000 cycles, but NCM have advantage of high density, and reach more capacity in the certain space then NCM, and have better low-temperature performance.

7. Sealing performance and installation and fixing method

It is necessary to confirm the IP protection level of the lithium-ion battery pack and the fixing method of the battery pack. At the same time, it is also necessary to consider how to install the lithium-ion battery pack, which need to be considered during design of the lithium-ion battery shell. 

8. Appearance

Determine the size and shape of the battery.

Our company supports lithium battery customization business. Our design and production time is short, about 15 days, and the design is free. The price of customized batteries is basically as the same as that of standard batteries for batch order.

Welcome to customize.