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What kind of UPS is cost effective?


What kind of UPS is cost effective? A uninterruptible power supply can last at least three years if it is well maintained, and that requires a very professional eye. ESS products in the current market many brands, product quality is uneven, competitive chaos. In particular, the middle and low-end products, as the end-user understanding of UPS is not deep enough, resulting in unclear purchase objectives.

For UPS, the price does not imply a high cost-performance ratio. There are individual UPS power supply manufacturers face fierce market competition, to come up with a way of price war, keep the price down, however, regardless of whether you keep the price down, the cost is there. The consequence of reducing the price is to lose money, no business would be stupid enough to do business at a loss, in order not to lose money, business will find another way.

One is to reduce the quality requirements, common means is to do something on the UPS power host, for example, the original UPS overload capacity is generally overload to 125% , can last 10 minutes, overload to 150% , can last 30 seconds. But after the price reduction, the overload capacity of the products is greatly reduced.

Second, the use of low-quality cheap batteries, because of poor battery quality, often need to replace, which involves UPS power outage problem, in those who need UPS 24 hours a day continuous service, outage will bring losses to users.

Therefore, the purchase of uninterruptible power supply, should not only consider the price factor, but also pay attention to quality, brand should be trusted, the price is reasonable UPS power supply is wise. Energy storage electric lithium battery UPS power quality assurance price is reasonable, is a high cost uninterruptible power supply brand.

ESS production

UPS power is the product of this society, so we can pay attention to each customer’s problems, so we can make the product more detailed. Energy Storage Lithium Battery UPS features a full range of small, medium, and large uninterruptible power supply, from 12V 50Ah,12V 100Ah,12V 120Ah,12V 150Ah12V 200Ah LiFePO4 lithium battery making it easy for customers to purchase their own uninterruptible power supply depending on how many watts they’re carrying, this will save you unnecessary expenses.

UPS lithium-ion battery backup time key, UPS Power backup time is based on customer requirements to configure the size of the battery capacity, you can tell us the load wattage you need to tell our sales, we configure the UPS model size for your load, and we’ll give you an accurate lithium-ion UPS solution.

UPS after-sales service is an issue of general concern to small and medium-sized enterprises. Most of the UPS manufacturers focus their service efforts mainly on industry users, but they do not invest enough in the service of UPS for small and medium-sized enterprises. We save energy and ensure that in the first place, quick and flexible response to customer needs.

How to choose UPS power supply with high cost performance?

1.Users should have a thorough knowledge of UPS power supply.

Users should have a comprehensive and clear understanding of all the indicators of UPS Power Supply, which is a necessary condition for selecting UPS power supply correctly and reasonably. UPS power supply is a constant voltage device with energy storage device and control circuit, with inverter as the main component.

2.Pay attention to UPS power performance metrics

While paying attention to the performance-price ratio, we should first pay attention to the output capacity and reliability of UPS power supply, the adaptability of UPS Power Supply to the power grid, and the general output performance index of UPS Power Supply, special attention should be paid to the procurement of UPS Power can meet the country has been issued UPS power production standards.

3.Concern the UPS Battery

Because the purchase of battery takes a large part of the purchase cost of UPS Power Supply, and the running condition and service life of battery directly affect the function of UPS power supply, it is necessary to buy UPS power supply with battery intelligent management technology.

4.Choose famous brand UPS Power Supply

As far as possible to choose well-known enterprises brand UPS power products. Because these enterprises not only have complete testing equipment, advanced, can guarantee the product quality ability, but also have a strong sense of service, can take the initiative to provide users with pre-sale, sale, after-sale full program service, the characteristics of fast response to user information.

Summary: If you want to ask which brand of UPS Power is good, this is not too easy to answer, because single from the quality, are very good, are guaranteed. You can load according to the power of the equipment you need, the selection of their own UPS power supply is most important.SmartPropel will be one of your best choice.