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What is the reason for the decline of lithium-ion batteries in electric scooter?

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As the power source device of the electric scooter and electric bike, lithium ion power battery is related to the driving range of the vehicle, but in the actual use process, due to the influence of various factors, the battery will decline, just like our electronic products, they will be used for a long time to find that the E-scooter battery performance is not as good as before, and the power is not as good as before either. Talking about the decline of lithium battery,we should first consider the battery working condition.

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Lithium battery is mainly through the internal electrode oxidation reaction, transfer chemical energy into electrical energy. Lithium battery internal structure is composed of the battery anode and cathode materials and electrolyte, when the battery repeatedly charge and discharge, the battery will cause the electrode of the battery body material to produce crystals, which will lead to a decrease in the conductivity of the battery, that is, a decrease in the activity of the lithium ion, which will lead to an increase in its resistance value, and that ultimately affects the capacity of the battery, in fact, in terms of the actual environment, it affects the battery, the voltage of the charge and discharge, even the power of the battery and the temperature of the environment.

At present, the new energy E-scooter battery and electric bike battery mainly uses NCM cell, so the biggest point for the NCM battery is afraid of the environment high temperature, which will affect its service life, of course, this also affects the energy density, The electric scooter apply different charge and discharge rates to meet different driving conditions during use, the larger the charge-discharge rate, the faster the capacity decline, in fact, mainly due to the change of material structure and properties, making its internal ion diffusion has become relatively difficult.

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For a battery, if the internal resistance is not consistent, the internal current and voltage distribution will not be uniform, which will lead to a local single battery under-voltage, taken together, there are many factors affecting the life of the lithium battery pack. Of course, various factors also affect each other. The decline of lithium-ion power batteries is inevitable. With the continuous improvement of power batteries technology, it is very important to solve the related problems of battery capacity decline in order to prolong the service life of lithium battery.

Take 72V 30Ah electric scooter lithium battery for example, to prolong the cycle life, it is necessary to select the low resistance and long cycle life lithium battery cell, best BMS and accessories to customize battery. When use the batteries, it is better to charge the battery in small current, and charge it when the capacity is no less than 30%, use it in suitable room temperature, instead of extreme low or high temperature, do not use in rainy days.

Of course, the high quality lithium battery is also crucial to the development of electric scooter.

SmartPropel Original Writer: Nancy Liu