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What is the 48V, 60V, 72V lithium battery driving range? Here is the Comprehensive Interpretation

motorycle battery driving range

The bigger the battery, the farther it goes? Not actually.

Many people are curious about the electric car 48V, 60V, 72V lithium battery driving range. How to calculate the actual speed of this range accurately? The bigger the battery, the farther it goes? There has been controversy and disagreement.

What is the true battery life and power consumption? How do we do that? Today SmartPropel Engineers will give you the answer, let’s look at it together.

Everyone knows how many miles an electric bike can get on a full charge, and many people look at the meter. In fact, the instrument display data is not real, there are possible some false label from small factories.

When you buy an electric car, the official test range, there is a certain amount of moisture. As long as the correct calculation method to calculate, but also according to the vehicle riding road conditions, vehicle batteries, motor power configuration, riding speed, a combination of many factors to calculate, is more correct.

1.There are different ways to calculate range

The range generally appears in the calculation of these formulas, roughly the same. The two most direct factors that affect the endurance of an electric vehicle are the power of the battery and the power of the motor.

However, some of the details are skewed. Let’s take a look at these formulas, which one is correct? Close to the actual range. Don’t row away, here’s the point.

The first formula calculation method, battery capacity calculation method: Battery storage Electricity = Rated voltage × Rated capacity

Electric vehicle travel time = (battery capacity wattage/motor power) total mileage = Time * speed.

The label on the battery reads 48V 12AH battery or 48V 20Ah battery. The first number means”Voltage”, the second number means”Capacity”, and it says”Current”.

According to the first battery capacity calculation method is: 48V 20Ah Battery specification battery electricity is 960W;

The second formula calculates the battery range, 48V 20Ah motor, power 400W, 2.74 hours, range is 60 km.

60V20Ah, Motor 800W, range 60 km; 72V 60Ah battery, motor 1000W, range 180 km.

motorcycle power
Electric Motorcycle Driving Range

Some people say that capacity is not watt-hour, but kilowatt-hour, commonly known as degree, capacity = V * A * H/1000 = kilowatt-hour = degree, for example, 48v 32Ah Battery= 1.44 kilowatt-hours, 72v 30Ah Battery = 2.16 kilowatt-hours.

In a fixed time state, the faster the speed, the longer the mileage, on the contrary, the faster the speed, the shorter the mileage, which is the greater power consumption.

2.48V, 60V, 72V motor power, the impact of specified speed on the range

The capacity of the battery and the power of the motor are fixed, and the manufacturers have introduced on the market electric vehicle configuration, such as:

Electric bicycle, 48V battery, 350 ~ 400W motor, speed about 25km; 60V electric vehicle, factory equipped with 800W motor, maximum speed about 40km; 72V electric vehicle, equipped with 1000W motor, maximum speed about 45km.

The new national standard electric bicycle is equipped with lead-acid and lithium-ion batteries, 48V 12 ~ 20 ~ 32Ah, with an average speed of 40 ~ 60 ~ 90km (km) . Lithium Battery 48V23AH, basic range 90 ~ 100km.

Electric motorcycle battery is equipped with lead acid and lithium battery, voltage 60 ~ 72V, ampere 20 ~ 32 ~ 45Ah, average speed 65 ~ 75 ~ 110km. The lithium battery is 24 ~ 32 ~ 45 ~ 50 ah, and its range is 80 ~ 130 ~ 200 ~ 220 km.

Speed is the average speed of electric bicycle and electric motorcycle 25 km/h, 45 km/h, is basically the same. But each motorcycle’s custom speed is different, the operating speed of the rider is different, so the range of the moped scooter has a certain deviation.

Based on which algorithm there will be some bias, so many people calculate is a rough number of miles as the base number.

An electric vehicle model has two states, battery and motor configuration power size, directly affects the range. For example, 48V 20Ah Battery, with 400 motors, can run 60km, with 600W motor can only run 45km. The same 60 ~ 72 V electric motorcycle battery, the larger motor with the greater power, the greater the loss of electricity, it will reduce the mileage.

There are a number of factors that affect the vehicle’s endurance, including brake tightness, high speed, tire pressure, and motor wear and tear.

high quality electric motorcycle battery
Electric motorcycle motors influence driving range

3. Three ways to increase electric motorcycle battery life

1) The most important factor that affects the electric power loss of an electric vehicle is motor

The choice of motor and motor is the most important factor that affects the electric power loss of an electric vehicle. Play car friends need one or two to meet their requirements of strong power, fast speed, long range electric car, in the motor, shock absorption, frame, batteries, brakes and brakes will be made large modifications.

Usually these we do not need to pay attention to the car when the battery and motor configuration on the line, motor selection also has some skills.

The first motor choice, the manufacturer of electric car distribution, according to the price of electric car began to choose factory distribution motor, big brands of high-end models will generally choose Bosch, Quanshun Jinyuxing, xingwei, Xiang Dilong, Ananda and so on, these motors long life, durable, reliable performance, power saving. General models will choose domestic motor, the relative price is lower.

Low-quality motors will appear, such as power consumption, noise, speed and speed will have a slight vibration. A few Yadi, Mavericks, No. 9, high-performance motors have been developed for high-end electric escooters, with energy recovery systems, to reduce power consumption, power utilization, increase the range of this“Range anxiety” problem.

2)Select big brand lithium factory reliable batteries for electric motorcycle

Battery and motor should be properly configured; the choice of these two main accessories depends on three more points:

1. Battery and motor specifications: electric bicycles have a fixed voltage and power, generally 48V350-400w; electric motorcycles such as 60V 20Ah battery, with 600-800W motor reasonable; 72V 20Ah Battery, with 800-1000W motor reasonable.

2. Look at the weight of the vehicle; the heavier the vehicle, the higher the power consumption, including the weight of the vehicle body and the people and goods it carries. Look at the quality of the car to buy a car weight, want to run a little light, want to run a little farther, less load, less pack goods.

Electric motorcycle driving range calculate
Match with high quality batteries for motorcycle

3) Consider the price factor

Look at the price choice; high-grade quality cars are generally higher prices, such as electric bicycles 2000, electric motorcycles more than 600~800USD. Choose the low-cost battery configuration on the small various parts of the quality is also poor, the price of high this aspect will be better.

Therefore, once you have mastered these three points, you should pay attention to the choice of electric vehicles. The choice is of good quality, and the battery configuration is large. If you want to have a long range, you need to have a smaller motor configuration. Want fast speed, strong power, motor selection will be big, and driving range will be reduced.

Some people suggest that the bigger the battery, the longer range, which depends on the size of the motor power configuration. If the motor power with the right, your vehicle range will be far, power with a large, range will be less, you can only choose one end based on our actual usage situation.