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What do you need to pay attention to when you first charge and maintenance a new electric scooter?

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When you buy a new electric scooter, people tend to take good care of it. To prevent bumps, riding out the door is very careful, when splash mud or water on it, will immediately clean it up, in short, careful again and again.

About the new scooter, we also have a lot of questions: just bought an E-scooter, does the Escooter battery have power? Do you need deep discharge before charging the first time? How to clean the scooter properly when it’s dirty?

Well, today we will tell you how to scientific and reasonable care for a new electric scooter.

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Charge Correctly

First of all, the new batteries are all full, so you don’t have to worry about can not riding home on your new electric scooter.

Second, most people have such a misunderstanding: a new electric scooter, the first charge, the electric scooter battery should be deep discharge after recharging, and so cycle 3 times to normal charging, in fact, it is not!

Because the E-scooter is generally lithium battery, lithium battery do not have memory effect, therefore, do not need to deliberately discharge to charge again, wait for power consumption deeply to charge again will cause damage to the battery!

The correct method is that when the power is as low as 50%, it can be recharged and filled. Of course, can also be based on the actual use of demand to charge.

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Charger Maintenance

After the vibration of most chargers, the internal electronic components of the chargers will shift, resulting in an abnormal charging state and damage to the scooter batteries. Therefore, it is not recommended to place the charger in the trunk or basket of an electric scooter! If must carry along with the E-scooter, should use the soft material to pack the charger well.

In the charging process, the charger should be far away from inflammable and explosive materials, do not put the charger on the top of the cushion to charge! On rainy days, try to park your electric scooter in an underground garage or a sheltered place for charging. Forbid use a raincoat to wrap the charger to avoid causing a fire!

In addition, the E-scooter battery charger is with high voltage inside, please do not open the shell! If the charger works abnormally, please contact the service center or the manufacturer immediately, and form the habit of coming to repair shop to check the charger regularly.

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Appearance Maintenance

Like the human face, the secret to keeping an electric scooter looking good is sun protection! Because the main accessories of E-scooter are plastic and metal, if parked in the open outdoor, after a long period of exposure to the sun, plastic parts will accelerate aging, and rain will rust iron parts! Therefore, the Escooter is best parked in the underground garage or awning.

In addition, it is also necessary to develop the habit of cleaning Escooter on a regular basis. It is recommended that the surface be gently wiped with clean water by using a soft dishcloth. If there are stains which are difficult to remove, the surface can be scrubbed with a neutral detergent. After cleaning, the surface can be wiped clean with a dry dishcloth, do not use a high-pressure water gun to flush directly.

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Tire Maintenance

The tire bears the whole vehicle’s weight, concerns the cyclist’s safety, the importance is self-evident. In daily cycling, it is best to avoid potholes, manhole cover, stones, and other sundries should try to go around. If the tire pattern wears serious, often flat, timely go to repair point to replace a new tire.

It’s important to note that electric vehicles have a limited load, if often overload, which can lead to increased tire wear and battery wear, especially when used uphill. When the electric scooter starts, needs the electric current to be quite big but starts uses the electric energy immediately, which can damage the battery and the electrode board. Therefore, when the electric scooter starts, it is suggested to uses the foot pedal-assistance, in case of damages to the battery.

In addition, the scooter tire pressure will also be affected by the air “hot expansion cold contraction”: high temperature in summer, tire pressure rise, tire surface friction is reduced, which is one of the reasons summer endurance mileage will be significantly higher than winter; In winter, the low temperature and tire pressure descend, leading to increased tire friction, which affects the range of electric vehicles. Therefore, SmartPropel reminds electric vehicle users to regularly check the tire pressure, the most suitable summer electric vehicle tire pressure in 2.5 Kpa, winter needs about 3.0 Kpa (Tire pressure tester can be bought online).

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Brake Curing

In addition to tires, the brake maintenance of electric vehicles is also crucial. In the process of use, try not to brake at high speed, because high-speed brake not only waste electricity, but also make brake pad wear, and increase the risk of rear-end collision, so when the brake has an abnormal situation, should go to the maintenance point timely to replace maintenance.

Do you have any questions about the daily use and maintenance of the electric scooter? Feel free to contact us.