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What do you need to keep in mind when charging your lithium-ion batteries for electric bikes in the summer?

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Summer is coming. Many people who owns their lovely Ebike may concern a lot about how to maintenance your electric bike lithium battery in Summer, here SmartPropel share below 6 tips that wish can help you.

1. No heat exposure

The hot weather can cause heatstroke not only for people, but also for electric bikes. In the hot summer, if the electric bike always explosure in the sun, then the lithium battery has a very high risk of scrap, so must guard against high temperature exposure.

2. High temperature charging is not a good option

Many times, people just leave the Ebike outside to charge when they’re done with it, and the combination of hot weather and the heat that comes with charging can result in very high temperatures on the surface of the battery ,so you must charge it in a cool place and never charge it at high temperature.

Ebike Battery

3. Short circuit may causes the battery charger to catch fire

Many people carry their lithium battery charger with them to deal with the problem of low power, but the problem is that long periods of jolting can lead to soldering of the charger’s wiring and components, which shorted out and caught fire while it was being charged.

4. Don’t charge the battery immediately after use

Because of lack of maintenance knowledge, many people start to charge the lithium battery immediately after the use of batteries, this is not true, the battery operates at very high temperatures, where a straight charge will cause the battery to continue to heat up, even beyond the critical point, and eventually have safety risk.

5. Remove the battery to recharge

Remove the battery to charge, which is fine at normal temperatures, but when it’s hot or in the summer sun, it leaves a lot to be considered.

5. Don’t mess use the charger

Lithium battery has a certain matching battery charger. Different types of electric bike lithium batteries, match different charger, if mixed use, it is easy to cause short circuit or undercharge.