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What determines the life of a lithium-ion Battery in an Electric Vehicle?

Electric Vehicle Lithium Battery Cell

The normalization of electric vehicles is inevitable, and how to make the electric vehicle battery last longer is a matter of great concern for more and more electric vehicle users.

All lithium-ion batteries have a limited life, but lithium-ion batteries can be used in the right way to achieve cycle life extension. So what ultimately determines the lithium battery life of electric vehicles, and how to effectively extend the life of lithium batteries? We are here today to tell you.

1.Battery type determines battery life

Lithium batteries are also divided into LFP battery cells, NCM battery cells, and other types. LFP cell is famous for its long life, it has a maximum life of 3,000 cycles. For example, the 72V 100Ah electric vehicle lithium iron phosphate battery pack can also achieve 1500-2000 cycles life, while the NCM cell typically has 500-1000 cycles of service life.

Electric Vehicle LIthium Battery Cell

2.The production process determines the life of the battery

Different manufacturers produce different battery cycle life due to different standards and production process, more stringent process, less impurities, lithium battery can have a longer life.

Battery cells are also divided into many levels, the TOP A Electric Vehicle Lithium Battery Cell is the highest level of lithium battery cell, with the best performance. There are also B Level battery cell flooding on the market, uneven quality. Different manufacturers produce the same level cells, the quality is also different. Generally speaking, the choice of imported batteries or domestic Top A cell manufactured by big factory, the production of quality and cycle life is more secure and guaranteed.

3.The level of manufacture of Pack determines the service life of the battery

From the matching of the equipment parameters, the selection of the batteries, the anti-vibration, and anti-explosion of the battery structure, as well as the reasonable structure design, BMS parameter setting, and the coordination of the battery, all these need to have very high professional skills, how to match more reasonably is a long-term and very professional topic. Only with a reasonable combination, can the performance of the battery pack to the best, and can obtain longer range, but also can obtain more cycle life.

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Electric Vehicle Lithium Battery Production Process

4.Good use habits

Do not excessively use electric car lithium batteries, do not put the sun exposure lithium battery, keep the storage environment dry and clean, do not deep discharge lithium battery frequently, charge when the lithium battery capacity is more than 30% of the battery maintenance. Scientific battery management can also make the electric vehicle lithium battery to achieve a more durable life.


Lithium battery manufacturers are overwhelmingly dominant for electric vehicle battery longer battery life, so it’s important to choose higher standard brand products, good use habits can still add the cycle life of the lithium-ion battery.

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