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What changes have been made to the battery pack structural component?

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With the rise of the electric vehicle industry in the past two years, the demand for power lithium battery is growing. While the market scale and demand of lithium battery are expanding, the demand of precision structure parts of lithium battery is also doubling. What changes have been made to the lithium battery structural accessory?

On the market scale, the structure accessory of lithium battery has changed a lot. The precision structure component of lithium battery mainly includes the top cover of battery shell, steel/aluminum shell, soft connection of positive and negative pole, battery soft connection, etc. , it has a direct impact on the safety, tightness and energy efficiency of lithium battery. As one of the main components of lithium battery and battery module, the rapid growth of battery market promotes the rapid increase of market scale and output value of lithium battery structural component industry.

EV Lithium Battery AGV Lithium Battery

This kind of change has provided the good development opportunity for the structure component manufacture enterprise, but it is not easy to break through the encirclement in this intense competition. It is understood that because the structural components enterprises and lithium battery customers bind deeper downstream battery market concentration led to a high degree of market concentration of structural components, polarization of the industry increasingly obvious development. At the same time, under the urgent requirement that the battery energy density is increased and the battery pack pay attention to quantification, many lithium battery enterprises put forward higher requirements on the product performance of lithium battery structural parts, the pressure on the structural component manufacturing industry is increasing.

According to GGII data, China sold 30.8 GWH of new energy vehicle lithium batteries in 2018, and is expected to produce 780,000 electric vehicles and 40 GWH of lithium batteries in 2019. This will give the upstream industry chain of lithium battery enterprises great opportunities for development, there are technology, strength of lithium battery structure manufacturing enterprises will occupy more market share.

The technical requirement of battery structure is very high. Although the market scale of precision structure parts of lithium battery is growing rapidly and the number of new structure parts manufacturers is increasing gradually, the market competition is very fierce and the polarization trend of industry is becoming more and more obvious. As a hard firewall to ensure the safety performance of power batteries, the production and quality of precision structural components are the focus of attention of lithium battery enterprises at home and abroad, it is very difficult for lithium battery precision component manufacturers to enter the supply chain system of battery enterprises as lithium battery enterprises to enter the supply chain of vehicle enterprises.

Many lithium battery manufacturers often go through a rigorous, complex and long-term certification process when selecting suppliers, will carry out a large number of field visits, proofing, trial production, inspection and other procedures, and gradually form a long-term and stable strategic cooperation.

As parts of automobile industry, power battery components need quality control at PPM level, which poses a severe challenge to manufacturers. Take the most common 72V 200Ah electric vehicle lithium battery and 48V 200Ah AGV lithium battery for example, it has high requirement on the case hardness, insulation, water-proof characteristic, shockproof characteristic, etc.

Indeed, to stand out in the market competition, lithium battery structural component manufacturers must master the core technology, have strong R & D and manufacturing capabilities and rapid reaction capability. The requirement of technology is not only the accumulation of years to master the core technology, with highly automated precision production equipment and strict production control system, but also the necessary conditions for the success of lithium battery precision structural parts manufacturing enterprises.

The production process of power battery components is generally guaranteed by precision production equipment and high-level production environment, need to use flexible manufacturing equipment, CNC machine tools, industrial robots and other automated, high-end precision manufacturing equipment, and the manufacturing environment on temperature, dust content in the air, equipment surface insulation degree, etc. have higher requirements.

Although it is difficult to enter the supply chain of battery companies because of high technical requirements, domestic structural component manufacturers are still optimistic and have started to expand production mode to capture the market. According to industry insiders, the industry is very competitive, there are many new entrants but basically small volume.Although the lithium battery precision structure parts industry has not formed a more clear competitive echelon, but in fact the market has shown a polarization trend of development.

The polarization of the power lithium battery structural parts market shows that some people have taken the lead. I believe that in the next few years, the power battery structural parts industry demand is growing, higher requirements, more and more strong competition.

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