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What are the selection requirements for the energy storage batteries? Why lithium iron phosphate battery is the first choice?

ESS battery

The requirements of a power station determine what type of lithium battery is the most suitable for energy storage.

In general, load regulation, new energy access, line loss compensation, power compensation, power quality improvement, isolated network operation, peak shaving and valley filling are considered to be the main purposes of application of energy storage power station in power grid area.

For example: peak shaving valley filling, and improving the grid’s operating curve. To put it more colloquially, a storage power station is like a reservoir, where you can store the excess water from the low season and use it again during the peak season, this reduces the waste of electrical energy; in addition, the energy storage station can reduce line losses, new lines and equipment life.

ESS Lithium Battery

What are the selection requirements for the energy storage lithium battery?

As an energy storage station for photovoltaic power generation access, peak shaving and valley filling, load compensation, and power quality improvement applications, energy storage lithium battery is a very important component that must meet the following requirements:

  1. Easy to achieve multi-mode combination, to meet the higher working voltage and larger working current.

2. The capacity and performance of the lithium iron phosphate battery can be detected and diagnosed, so that the control system can control the load dispatch of the power station under the condition of knowing the capacity and performance of the battery.

3. High Safety and reliability: under normal service conditions, the normal service life of the battery shall not be less than 15 years; under extreme conditions, the battery shall be under control even in case of failure, should not occur explosion, burning and other hazards fault to the safe operation of the power station.

4. Fast response and the large rate charge and discharge ability, general request 5-10 times of charge and discharge ability.

5. High charge-discharge conversion efficiency, easy installation and maintenance, good environmental adaptability, wide working temperature range.

Lithium iron phosphate (lifepo4) battery is a good energy storage technology for power station. LFP battery is the first choice for large capacity battery storage system. In SmartPropel ,there are many standard energy storage models such as 12V 100Ah,12V 150AH,12V 200Ah,48V 50Ah,48V 100Ah,48V 200Ah Energy Storage battery. SmartPropel Energy Storage System Battery Pack (ESS) is equipped with A grade lithium battery cell, high-quality protection board, and superior accessories. There are diversity customized lithium battery as well. All energy storage batteries can installation flexibility and maintenance-free.