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What are the advantages of electric cars with lithium battery? What are its drawbacks?

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Today, the biggest seller is still the Lead-acid battery, but many regions are beginning to introduce lithium-ion battery electric vehicles. The lithium-ion battery, as its name suggests, simply replaces lead acid with the lithium-ion battery.

Not only the new energy lithium battery vehicle, today’s traditional lead-acid electric cars can still be converted into the lithium-ion batteries. Little by little, here’s what lithium-ion battery has to offer:

Long lithium-ion battery life, light weight, small size, good power performance, quick charge.


The lithium-ion battery cell, today’s good power 5C ~ 10C cell, cycle life can be as high as 2000 times, still have 70% capacity. In other words, life expectancy is more than eight years.

The higher voltage and capacity battery pack, the stricter requirements on the battery cell consistency and resistance.Normally, lithium battery cell for electric vehicle is usually TOP A Level battery cell. 72V 100Ah72V 120Ah,72V 150Ah72V 200Ah are most common models for new energy electric vehicle. More electric vehicle lithium battery models can be customized, to customize the voltage, capacity, dimension, Communication Protocol, etc.

The general Lead-acid battery, also has been used 2 years, then began to decline the capacity, with poor performance.

2. Light and small

The lithium-ion battery has a high energy density, so it has five times the volume of lead-acid per unit volume, so the lithium-ion battery is smaller and the weight is lighter for the same volume

3. Good dynamic performance

Discharge characteristics of the lithium-ion battery, with 1C charge, 1 ~ 10C discharge properties. As a result, the lithium-ion battery can achieve a really fast charge and the standard power is the output, giving you a strong driving experience.

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The lithium-ion battery can be 100% charged and 100% discharged, while the lead-acid face can not deep discharge problem.However, there are also disadvantages of lithium-ion batteries:

1.Lithium-ion battery is more expensive because of the lithium-ion battery’s high cost

Today’s domestic good lithium-ion battery is mainly used for electric cars, used in electric cars, it will appear too high cost. Since the material is destined, it is generally 40-70% higher than lead-acid.

2. The selection of cell technology different level mixed, leading to continuous dangerous situation.

A good battery is very expensive, 6 ~ 9 yuan per unit. For some manufacturers, in order to profit, the use of domestic non-brand batteries or imported disassembler batteries, life can not be guaranteed.

At the same time, the production of poor assembly process or not added to the protection board, resulting in the use of failure, severe blasting.

Many battery packs, after being made, do not do external maintenance, resulting in a knock when the battery is short-circuited, and then catch fire.

It is necessary to find a professional lithium battery pack that has responsibility for the products. SmartPropel adopts top A quality cell and high precise BMS, high-temperature resistance wire for the electric vehicle battery pack.