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What are the advantages of AGV lithium battery pack ?

AGV lithium battery

1.Intelligent Control 

Adapt to all kinds of manufacturing. AGV lithium battery can be widely applied on different kinds of designs and equipment. The intelligent degree of AGV robot is increasing.


Automation and Informatization requirements of moving robot to improve the production accuracy and processing efficiency, shorten the product manufacturing cycle. AGV lithium battery pack can be customized freely to fit the AGV spare space to assemble.

AGV Lithium Battery

3.Move Fast

AGV lithium is characterized by wheeled mobility. Compared with walking, crawling or other non-wheeled mobile robots, AGV has the advantages of fast movement, high efficiency, simple structure, strong controllability and good safety. AGV lithium battery is much lighter and smaller to replace original lead-acid battery, which plays an important role in the AGV rapid move.

4.The AGV economic benefits of replace the manual handling are clear

The cycle life of AGV lithium battery is more than 2000 times, which can be used 3-5 years. The investment cycle of cost recovery can be as short as 6 months, the transformation cycle is much shorter than that of the traditional logistics line, the operation cost is only a very small amount of electricity consumption, and there is no waste in the idle operation of the logistics line equipment.

5.Easy to adjust the logistics layout

It can realize the on-line installation and debugging without affecting the processing, and can quickly combine with various AS/RS, processing lines, transportation lines, platforms, shelves, Operation Points, etc.Management system can be straight with ERP, WMS, MES docking, the realization of intelligent logistics.

AGV can be widely used in electronics, manufacturing, heavy industry, photoelectric and other fields, has a good environmental adaptability, strong anti-interference ability and target recognition ability, has been widely used in various industries. SmartPropel High quality AGV lithium battery play a very important role during the application. In the working process of AGV system, each step is the communication and exchange process of a series data and information, the backstage has the powerful database support, eliminates the artificial factor, sufficiently guarantees the reliability of the working process of the AGV lithium battery pack, to realize timely completion tasks, data sourcing circumstances.

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