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What are the advantages of a lithium-ion battery pack for electric vehicles?

lithium pouch cell

1.Large capacity, high specific power: The product uses imported high-purity raw materials, with high current discharge performance, high capacity characteristics.

Pouch lithium battery cell
pouch lithium Battery Cell

2.Better consistency: The whole process of data-based, scientific assemble, to ensure the battery pack consistency stable use.

3.The good low temperature effect: The product has the ultra strong low temperature discharge acceptance ability, avoid the battery in the winter renewal mileage sharp reduction.

4.High reliability: Electric Vehicle lithium battery is with stable capacity, battery before delivery will go through the voltage, capacity, sealing test.

5. Good recovery performance: Advanced electrolyte formula, greatly improved the battery over-discharge recovery ability.

6.Low self-discharge: Using high-purity raw materials, the battery has a very low self-discharge rate, at 25 °C environment, the monthly battery capacity loss is about 3% , low temperature storage can reduce self-discharge.

7. Long cycle life: Due to the good material, the cycle life of LPF battery is more than 2000 times, can be used for a long time.

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