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What are household energy storage systems? Growing popularity?

home energy storage

The home-style energy storage system is mainly by the solar panels generated by excess electricity into the battery pack for storage and easy access to the home at any time. During the day. When the sun is normal, the photovoltaics module produces more energy, which the battery can store to keep the electricity going at night or on another cloudy or rainy day. And because the battery optimizes the use of electricity, it ensures the efficient operation of the entire home-only system. At the same time, if you encounter a sudden suspension of household electricity, such as desktop computer drawings to be saved in time in the future, the refrigerator fresh melt, may deteriorate, etc., but with the home energy storage system, it can be continuous in this case, and the response time is extremely short. Home Energy Storage Systems, which make solar panels more reliable for electricity generation, avoid the disadvantage of not being able to generate electricity on rainy days, and are becoming more common as a result of the world energy crisis, be accepted and loved by everyone, protect the environment at the same time, but also energy-saving and sustainable power generation.

Home energy storage devices, also known as home energy storage systems, the core of which is a rechargeable energy storage battery, currently the safest is based on lithium iron phosphate batteries, controlled by a computer, the other intelligent hardware realizes the charge and discharge cycle with the cooperation of software.

At present, home optical storage system which can be combined with distributed photovoltaic power generation is common at home and abroad. For users, not only can reduce the cost of household electricity, but also avoids the adverse effects of sudden power outages on normal life.

48V 100AH LiFePO4 Battery
Smartpropel Rack type Battery Backup System

A home energy storage system consists of the following components:

1.PV (lightweight flexible solar panels or folded integrated panels)

2. Inverter or multi-function inverter (you can choose according to your own needs)

3. Battery energy storage battery (divided into wall mounted, landing roller type, battery combination disassembly type, according to their own power consumption, according to the power consumption, the main house in Europe is wooden, may take into account the weight of wall mounted)

For users who have neither installed photovoltaic nor configured home energy storage devices, it is best to complete the one-time configuration of “photovoltaic + energy storage system” together, so that photovoltaic energy storage batteries can be completed by hybrid inverter, system integration is higher, installation and intelligent monitoring and control, as well as subsequent after-sales service, will be more convenient.

If you have installed photovoltaic panels in your home, you only need to install batteries and energy storage converters, which will not affect the original photovoltaic system, so that you can both generate electricity and store electricity!

Now many big domestic brands have special energy storage products and photovoltaic systems, you can choose according to your own situation. For example, SmartPropel Energy Storage and Lenercom photovoltaic power generation system are not only safe and reliable but also allow households to freely choose from 1 to 5 batteries according to their own household power consumption, which can be increased or decreased at any time according to the situation. Moreover, from installation to maintenance of a one-stop hosting service, users are very safe, worry-free, and convenient to use!

Floor Standing Flexiable Lithium Battery
48V 200AH LifePO4 10KWH floor mounted home solar battery
Smartpropel Home Battery Backup Battery System

Finally, summarize the advantages of home storage:

  1. Reduce emissions – Reduce pollution and demand from electricity grids that rely on coal and natural gas

2. Power outage safety – Provide backup power in case of a power outage or emergency

3. Cost reduction – Save money by using less grid energy (cost-related issues can be ignored in energy-constrained areas at home, and their electricity bills can be 10 times higher abroad)

4. Become energy independent – Store excess solar energy to reduce grid use

5. Reduce peak demand – Support the grid during peak hours and provide grid stabilization services

48V lithium battery pack
Smartpropel home backup battery system

Nowadays, people have more and more rich lifestyles, and there are more demands for the application scenarios of home energy storage devices. It mainly includes:

1. Household daily power supply, mainly used for household appliances and domestic electricity;

2. Power consumption for farm facilities. For users with farms and greenhouses, it can also be used as power consumption for facilities, and supply power demand for planting and breeding projects;

3, commercial electricity, can avoid the shutdown and production loss caused by power failure;

4. Base power station, which can be used for the construction of special photovoltaic power generation base;

5. Car charging, new energy vehicle charging, no queuing, convenient worry.

Solar power generation during the day, battery discharge at night, saving electricity, intelligent energy storage, never have to worry about electricity problems!

The latest data shows that the installed capacity of household energy storage in 2021 is 6.4GWh, and it is expected to break through 15GWh this year. Europe may take up half of the share, and it may break through 100GWh by 2025. It is clear that household energy storage is bound to become a big trend in the next few years. Did you tempt?