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Top 7 Reasons Why 48V Home Backup Battery So Hot in Europe

48V 100Ah battery backup

“3.2v100ah lithium iron phosphate batteries are out of stock.”

Last year, the demand for lithium iron phosphate in the whole market increased sharply, resulting in a shortage of goods, especially the 3.2v100ah lithium iron phosphate battery cell. The main reason for this problem is the large demand for energy storage batteries in the European and American markets, as well as the cancellation of the subsidy policy for new energy vehicles. After that, many car enterprises changed the original NCM power battery into a lower price lithium iron phosphate battery. Iron lithium batteries are in short supply, and the price rises with the trend.

The demand of new energy vehicles for lithium iron batteries is not discussed here. Let’s talk about why the demand for lithium iron phosphate in European and American markets has risen sharply. This is the result of many factors. First of all, from the perspective of the general environment, that is global carbon neutrality. Most countries in the world have invested a lot of money, manpower and material resources in environmental protection, especially the developed countries in Europe and America and China. Germany, for example, plans to shut down nuclear power plants.The electricity price in Germany is already the most expensive in Europe. If the nuclear power plant is shut down, it will inevitably lead to a rise in electricity price. Many people will certainly consider using new energy such as solar energy or wind energy; The German government has a subsidy policy for new energy, which is bound to promote the development of new energy. In Europe, almost all thermal power plants have been shut down and coal mining has been strictly controlled. Factories have restricted power consumption since last year. Under this trend, new energy is growing explosively. Lithium iron phosphate battery has been affirmed by the market because of its superior performance. However, due to the certain reserves of lithium ore, the mining speed did not catch up with the demand growth, resulting in a shortage of goods. Secondly, social factors, such as covid-19 and war between Russia and Ukraine have led to energy shortage, and many people have begun to switch to clean energy.

So why do you have a special preference for 3.2v100Ah for 48V 100Ah home battery backup lithium iron phosphate? The main reasons are as follows.

1.Compact Size

3.2v 100ah lithium iron phosphate battery core has moderate size and small size in height direction, which is suitable for pack. And 15 series to 16 series to reach 48V 100Ah battery pack.

3.2V 100Ah LFP Battery Pack
Prismatic Lithium Battery Cell
3.2V Prismatic Battery Cell

During the 48v 100Ah LiFePO4 battery laser welding, pay attention to the arrangement direction of the battery cells. Establishing the correct direction is the best choice for the battery cycle life and easier for laser welding. Generally, in the design, the battery pack will be designed to fit into the chassis of standard cabinet. In this way, the size of the cell in the height direction can not be too high. Too high will not only affect the cycle life of the cell, but also occupy more space in the height direction, and the cell size of 3.2V 100Ah can overcome these two problems.

2.Light weight

The weight of 3.2V 100Ah lithium iron phosphate prismatic shell cell is generally about 2kg. The battery packed into 48v 100ah requires 15 pieces such cells, with a total weight of about 40kg. In handling or installation, only two people are required to cooperate, even one person can.

When the vertical cabinet is integrated, if six 48V 100 lithium ion batteries are installed into one vertical cabinet, the total weight of the battery is about 240Kg. The general standard cabinet on the market bears about 400Kg, and the limit load of wheels is 500kg. 3.2V 100Ah cell weight can just meet the bearing capacity of standard cabinet.

3.High energy

When use 100A current charge and discharge, a 3.2V 100Ah lithium iron phosphate cell energy will be 333Wh,if use it pack to 48V100Ah battery, the battery energy will be 5Kwh, 6 paralles, the total energy is close to 30Kwh, it can fully meet the daily power consumption of a family.

4. Wide Use

3.2V100ah lithium iron phosphate battery cell can be used in new energy vehicles, such as BYD buses; It can also be used for commercial energy storage, such as Tesla’s energy storage power station and Huawei’s largest energy storage project in the red sea of Saudi Arabia; It can also be used for household power backup, such as household energy storage solar system and so on.

5.Good Heat Dissipation

Due to the small size of 3.2V 100Ah lithium iron phosphate battery cell, the heat dissipation system can be better done in the design of 48V solar battery pack.

The impact of temperature on the cycle life of the battery is obvious, especially in places such as commercial energy storage and data center. If the heat dissipation system is done badly and the cell is at 45 ° C for a long time, the cycle life of the battery may be reduced by 8% or even more.

6.Long cycle Life

Under standard test conditions, the cycle life of 3.2v100ah lithium iron phosphate a cell is generally more than 6000 times, which can be used for more than 10 years. For example, the SmartPropel 48v100ah LiFePO4 battery designed service life is 15 years.

7.Lithium iron phosphate instead of lead-acid battery

Due to the small size and high energy of 3.2V 100Ah lithium iron battery cell, which can meet the pack size of 12V 100Ah / 24V 100Ah lead-acid shell, it is mostly used to replace lead-acid. The 12V series 24V series battery of SmartPropel energy system company is a good example.

Due to the large demand and shortage of 3.2v 100ah lithium batteries, the price of such batteries in the secondary market is higher than that of iron lithium batteries of other specifications. Many packs have to use 50ah to make 2P to make up for the shortage of 100Ah.

I have a suggestion. If individual users want to buy two LiFePO4 48V 100Ah batteries, they might as well buy a 48V 200ah battery directly. The reason is the cost. The BMS price of a 100Ah lithium battery is almost the same as that of a 200Ah lithium battery BMS price. If you buy two 48V 100Ah batteries, you will pay an extra price for the BMS. However, if you want to buy more energy batteries, I suggest not to make a board high-capacity battery, such as a 48V 500AH battery, which is more performance unstable. Because too many cells are stacked, the heat dissipation performance becomes relatively poor. This not only affects the battery cycle life, but also may bring danger.

Author:Andy Luo