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Top 7 Most Common Battery Types For E-bikes

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One of the first problems a new E-biker who wants to add a kit to their bicycle has to figure out is…Where do I mount the battery, and how? There are many types of batteries for ebikes, below SmartPropel list the most common ones:

1. Rear Rack Ebike Battery

Mounting the battery on a rear cargo rack is a frequently used method on the most affordable kits. We don’t like them because they make the bike handle odd at the higher speeds, and if you use a common rear hub…most of the E-bikes weight is then located in the back. That makes the E-bike very awkward to lift and move around.

Rear Rack Ebike lithium battery

2.Triangle Mount Ebike Battery

The absolute best place to locate the weight of a battery is as close to the center of the frame as you can, and as low as possible. One of the most frequent methods we’ve seen over the last two years to do this has been to use a triangle bag. If you have a hard-tail frame, you probably have a large triangle space, and that means you have a variety of affordable options when it comes to a triangle bag.

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3.Water Bottle Type Ebike Battery

The bottle battery size that is common and fits inside a bicycles frame triangle uses three stacked modules that hold 14 cells each. there is also a four-stack size with 56 cells, but it is very long and will not fit inside a frame triangle.

If you choose the 48V version of this pack, the number of Amp-hours (AH) can vary from 8Ah up to 11Ah. However, if you choose the 36V configuration (with the number of cells being fixed), having fewer cells that are configured in series means that more of them can be configured in the parallel groups. A 36V pack (as opposed to the same size pack at 48V) can have as much as 15-Ah, if a high-Ah per cell model is used.

Electric bicycle Battery Bottle Type

4.Dolphin Case

This aluminum hard case also mounts to the water-bottle attachment points that are now common on bicycle frames. In fact, in this picture you can see the second set of “2-bolt” water bottle attachment points on the seat-tube. Since the desirable 18650-format cells (cylindrical, 18mm diameter, 65mm long) can easily fit sideways between a riders legs without interfering with pedaling, this 80mm wide (3.2-inches) case is becoming VERY common.

This type of case holds 50 of the 18650’s, and to give you an idea of what’s possible…if you buy and select the Samsung 29E cell (2900-mAh per cell), the 36V version can hold 16.5-Ah of range. Also, there will be cells available to the public with as much as 5000-mAh per cell, meaning 40% more range with no other changes.

Tiger Shark Type Ebike lithium battery

5.Hailong style Ebike Battery 

This type of case is similar with Dolphin case, the battery mounting holes aren’t suitable for everyone’s bike frame, need to be adjusted by your situation. You can use bicycle frame bag or use plastic straps to tie it up.

silverfish ebike battery

6. Silverfish Electric Bike batteries

This is the most popular type of battery for a bicycle, but the ways of mounting it can be different. Depending on the bike, it can be placed together with the bottom or rear of the frame, or even on the trunk. The form shown below is the most common.

silverfish ebike lithium battery

7. Frog batteries

A battery mounted under the saddle. This is a slightly less common type, usually on smaller bikes. It is most often used in folding bikes.

tiger shark type ebike battery

You can find all above types of batteries for Ebikes from SmartPropel, wish you have fun and ride safe.

SmartPropel Original Writer:Michelle