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TOP 4 reasonable ways to use electric bicycle lithium battery in 2020

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When the batteries are used in series, if the battery internal resistance is not the same, the terminal voltage of the batteries will be different during charging and discharging, which will result in the undercharging of the whole battery and premature failure. Therefore, in the ebike, the battery Pack balance consistency has a considerable impact on the battery life. For Consumers, how to use the battery reasonably will also affect the balance consistency of the battery, thus affecting the battery life. Based on SmartPropel years of research and practical , consumers are advised to adopt the following methods to use batteries reasonably:

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Ebike Battery

(1) Electric bicycle speed: 20-25KM/h.

(2) Distance: 10-30 km/day, discharge depth less than or equal to 70% (deep discharge every 2 months) .

(3) Charging frequency: Once a day.

(4) Load: Single Rider (can carry one child under 10 years of age).

According to the above method, the better quality electric bicycle battery can reach 3-4 years, even 5 years in normal use. The view is wrong that the deeper the discharge depth, the longer the cycle life of the battery, the longer the service life of the battery.In order to extend the life of their own batteries. Batteries must always be fully charged, long time under the state of loss of electricity, the negative pole of battery is easy to salt, which causes the loss of the battery capacity and affects the service life of the battery.

SmartPropel Orginal Writer: Nancy