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Top 4 Notes for Replacing a Lead Acid Battery with a Lithium Ion Battery in Your Electric Vehicle


Due to the significant development in lithium technology in recent years, the demand for replacing Lead Acid battery with Lithium ion battery is rapidly increasing. Compared with lead-acid batteries, lithium batteries have longer life, smaller size, lighter and more environmentally friendly, and the power experience is also better, so more and more consumers prefer lithium batteries. Do you know what need to be noted when you replacing the batteries? Please follow these 4 notes.


1. Battery size.

The battery compartment of a lead-acid battery is about 2 times for a lithium battery if they are same capacity, you can increase the capacity of the lithium battery to extend driving range, but need to pay attention to the volume and mounting direction of the lithium battery. Otherwise, it is easy to cause the battery shaking and reducing the battery life if the gap is too large after installation. For example, if your previous motorcycle lead acid battery is 60V 30Ah, in the same dimension, you can consider replace with SmartPropel 60V 60Ah Lithium Battery Pack, which can realize longer drive range.


2. Charger matching.

Because the charging way of lead-acid and lithium battery is different, so the chargers of two kinds of batteries are not universal, you must to choose the special charger for lithium battery.

3. The voltage is consistent.

If you replace a lead-acid battery with a lithium battery, you must also consider that the voltage must remain the same as the original lead-acid battery, otherwise the battery will not match to the original motor and controller of the vehicle.

4. Choose high quality lithium batteries.

At present, the quality of lithium batteries on the market is mixed, the safety performance is worrying, and sometimes due to the lithium battery explosion caused by the tragedy. It is recommended to purchase lithium batteries from qualified suppliers to ensure product quality and after-sales service.

Finally, I would like to remind that don’t modify by yourself if you don’t have no enough professional knowledge and skills. It will not only affect the performance of lithium batteries, and even buried security risks. If the lithium battery is not installed properly or there are any quality problems, the controller can be burnt out and a short circuit can cause an explosion.

SmartPropel Original Work Writer:Michelle