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Top 10 Reasons Why E-scooter Suddenly Slow Down

Escooter Lithium Battery out of power

When people drive a E-scooter, it will bring benefit and convenience to their life. But sometimes, during driving, the scooter may suddenly slow down. What happened?

Failure Cause 1

Battery is low.

We often find that when the E-scooter lithium battery is running low, even if we turn the steering to the fastest position, the speed doesn’t come up and we drive intermittently. That is because the electric vehicle controller has under-voltage protection, such as 48V 30Ah Escooter battery under-voltage point at 42V, 60V 60Ah Scooter Battery Under-voltage Point at 51V, 72V 20Ah Escooter battery under-voltage point is 60V, and so on.

When the power is used to the point of low voltage, the E-scooter will slow down, which is a kind of protection for the battery. This is not a problem. It can be solved with a full charge.

Escooter Lithium Battery out of power

Failure Cause 2

Motor demagnetization.

Frequent overloading will reduce the magnetism of the motor and demagnetize the magnetic steel. Demagnetizing motor will also occurs under strong vibration or high temperature. These demagnetizing motors will lead to lose power and lower the speed.

Failure Cause 3

Speed Control Handle Problem.

If handle turn plug contact resistance value is too large, will also lead to motor speed slow, hard driving. Detect the speed control manual speed signal line (Green Line) voltage, turn the maximum angle, speed control terminal voltage should be 4.2V. If less than this voltage, will cause the electrode speed into slow, should replace the speed control handle.

Failure Cause 4

Three-Speed Gear Failure

Many electric vehicles are equipped with three-speed transmission device, it can be achieved through the controller to speed up the frequency shift, increase the output current, increase motor power. When the shift switch is put into normal gear instead of overtaking gear, the speed will be significantly slower.

Scooter for driving

Failure Cause 5

The controls are malfunctioning.

E-scooter speed is determined by the speed of the motor, and the speed of the motor depends on the size of the controller current. Controller distribution of the current is different, the output current larger, the scooter speed faster. The controller and motor power mismatch, will also lead to slow speed.

Failure Cause 6

Low tire pressure.

Whether there is enough air in the tyres ,also has a big impact on the performance of an electric vehicle. If the tire air is insufficient, can increase the electric vehicle forward resistance, not only consumes the electricity to be high, also can affect the vehicle speed.

Failure Cause 7

Brake failure.

If the front brake is not used frequently, the rust will cause the brake rocker arm to be inflexible and difficult to return to its position, accompanied by brake resistance, slowing down the speed; if the rear wheel brake pads fall off or a foreign body enters the brake, the speed will also be affected to slow down. Even if the brakes aren’t bad, sometimes too tight will rub the wheels and slow the car down.

Failure Cause 8

Speed Limiter.

Some scooters are installed with limit line in factory when they are produced. In this situation, as long as cut the limit wire, then can increase the speed as you wish.

Failure Cause 9

Mechanical Failure.

Mechanical failure increased friction, slower the speed. The rolling resistance of the front and rear wheels of the scooter can impede the operation of the motor. And friction due to structural deformation or hub friction can create a lot friction that affects speed.

Scooter Lithium Battery

Failure Cause 10

Excessive Load

The speed of an electric vehicle is related to its weight, and when the vehicle is loaded, the friction between the tires and the ground increases. At the same time, the electric vehicle has a certain load standard. If the E-scooter is forced to carry heavy, it may be fine at that time. But if it is used again, it may not speed up.

The above 10 kinds of problems are the main reason that the lower down the speed of Escooter at present. Of course, if facing against the wind, uphill, overweight and other objective factors, the speed will also slow down. When the electric vehicle suddenly slow down, it should be timely to go to the professional maintenance shop for further inspection.

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