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The top 5 charging methods that hurt electric bikes, did you do that?

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Many Ebike users, when charge electric vehicles are very “casual”, no matter when and where you want to charge, and some even charge overnight. In fact, this “casual” way of charging may hurt the electric bike battery.

Incorrect charging mode will not only damage the Ebike battery but also cause serious safety problems. So, here are 5 ways to avoid charging your electric bike battery.

Type 1: Mixed Charger For Charging

Now many families have two or more than three electric bikes, and for convenience, many families are sharing a charger. For example, if you have a 48V Ebike battery and a 36V Ebike battery separately for two Ebikes. You should not mixed-used their charger. Or it is easy to cause the battery to overcharge and bulge, which will reduce battery life.

The right thing to Do: Use Special Ebike Battery Charger, effectively prolong the battery life.


Type 2: Charge As Soon As You Stop

A lot of people like to charge their Ebikes right after they use them, but that’s not the way to do it. Why do you say that?

Because the battery itself will be heated due to the discharge of electricity during the ride, coupled with the high weather temperature, the temperature of the battery will often exceed 60 degrees. If the battery is recharged at this time, it is easy to cause the battery to lose water, which will reduce battery life.

The right thing to Do: Leave the electric bike for an hour, wait for the battery to cool, then continue to charge, this can be a good protection way for the battery, which can extend battery life.

Type 3: Charging time exceeding 10 hours

For convenience, many people like to charge their electric bike battery all night or all day, and the charging time is often more than 10 hours, which tends to affect battery life. Because the charge time is too long, possibly causes the battery to overcharge, and overcharge will affect the battery’s chemical characteristic performance and finally influence cycle life.

The right thing to Do: Charging time to maintain within 8 hours, this can prevent battery charging bulge, and extend battery life.

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Type 4: Charging in a hot environment under the sun

Because the electric vehicle battery in the charging process will heat, and if you choose to charge in the high-temperature environment under the sun, it is easy to cause battery chemical characteristic changed, resulting in battery charge bulge, which will greatly reduce battery life.

The right thing to Do: Charge in the shade where there is no sunlight to protect the Ebike battery.

Type 5: Carry a charger with you to recharge your batteries

This kind of situation generally occurs in the user who rides a long distance. Many users like to take the Charger with them for convenience. However, many small components in the charger can easily fall off due to vibration, this may lead to problems during the charging process.

The right thing to Do: You can buy an extra charger at your destination to avoid these situations and extend the battery life.

In fact, many times the electric bike lithium battery is not used to bad, but by the irregular charging method to charged to bad. So learn to avoid these five ways to charge your Ebike battery, which can greatly extend battery life, even by a few years.

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