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Supplying high quality two-wheeler lithium battery pack from 48V 12/15/20/30Ah, 60V 20/30/45/60Ah to 72V 20/30/45/60Ah,which can nearly satisfy all electric scooter on the market. With our experienced professionals in this field, we believe we can lower your cost, meanwhile provide the better products and service. If you are looking for custom lithium ion battery supplier that offers good quality and competitive price, you are in right place now.

All You Need To Know About Lithium Battery

Due to the significant development in lithium technology in recent years, the demand for replacing Lead Acid battery with Lithium ion battery is rapidly increasing. Lithium battery was widely used in Scooter and became the trend. Why choose Lithium ion battery for E-scooter instead of Lead-Acid battery? Compared with Lead-acid batteries, lithium batteries have distinct advantages.

  1. Longer life , 3 times life time than Lead-acid battery
  2. Smaller size , only about 1/3 size of Lead-acid battery
  3. Lighter weight, only about 1/3 weight of Lead-Acid battery
  4. More environmentally friendly, No lead, no mercury

Because of the compact size of the E-scooter, lithium battery can get more capacity and drive longer distance.

All You Need To Know About Lithium Battery

1.Check whether the battery production mark is complete

Check whether the product body is marked, including the manufacturer’s name, product model or specification, manufacturing date, trademark, polarity symbol, environmental protection logo, etc..

2.Battery appearance

Check whether the battery appearance is deformed, cracked and scratched. Further more, the metal case is stronger than plastic case. Choose the waterproof level at least IP54.

3.Battery capacity and Voltage

The larger of battery capacity, the longer of driving distance. Confirm the battery voltage is matched to your E-Scooter motor voltage. Choose battery capacity based on the range requirement and road conditions.

4.Battery cell type

In practical use, LFP has the advantages of high temperature resistance, strong safety and stability, low price and better cycling performance. The low price of raw materials and the abundant resources of phosphorus and iron exist in the earth, there will be no material supply problem.

NCM have an absolute advantage in energy storage density, which can meet consumers’ important demand for long range of electric vehicles. In the manufacturing cost, the cost of NCM is also gradually falling. In the future, with the further iteration and optimization of the BMS in the main engine plant, the thermal management of NCM will be better solved. Predictably, NCM packs are still dominant in electric vehicles with long range.

5.Choose reliable brand

SmartPropel battery quality is very good, good service, sales, customer service, technical support, maintenance and other aspects of the construction is very perfect, we can provide consumers with better after-sales service.

6.Use matched intelligent charger

Choose and buy the battery matching intelligent charger with automatic control function, it can automatically adjust the charging current and time, it is conducive to prolong the service life of the battery. SmartPropel can provide high quality matched charger with lithium battery.

Notes When Replacing Battery From Lead-Acid Battery To Lithium Battery

If your E-scooter is with a Lead-Acid battery now, and you would like to replace it to be a Lithium ion battery because of the lithium ion battery distinct advantages. Please follow these 4 notes when you replacing the batteries.

1. Battery size.

The battery compartment of a lead-acid battery is about 2 times for a lithium battery if they are same capacity, you can increase the capacity of the lithium battery to extend driving range, but need to pay attention to the volume and mounting direction of the lithium battery. Otherwise, it is easy to cause the battery shaking and reducing the battery life if the gap is too large after installation. For example, if your previous scooter lead acid battery is 60V 30Ah, in the same dimension, you can consider replace with SmartPropel 60V 60Ah Lithium Battery Pack, which can realize longer drive range.

2. Charger matching.

Because the charging way of lead-acid and lithium battery is different, so the chargers of two kinds of batteries are not universal, you must to choose the special charger for lithium battery, can consult to the manufacturer with the specific.

3. The voltage is consistent.

If you replace a lead-acid battery with a lithium battery, you must also consider that the voltage must remain the same as the original lead-acid battery, otherwise the battery will not match to the original motor and controller of the vehicle.

4. Choose high quality lithium batteries.

At present, the quality of lithium batteries on the market is mixed, the safety performance is worrying, and sometimes due to the lithium battery explosion caused by the tragedy. It is recommended to purchase lithium batteries from qualified suppliers to ensure product quality and after-sales service.

5.Check the input and output ports of the battery pack

Finally, I would like to remind that don’t modify by yourself if you don’t have no enough professional knowledge and skills. It will not only affect the performance of lithium batteries, and even buried security risks. If the lithium battery is not installed properly or there are any quality problems, the controller can be burnt out and a short circuit can cause an explosion. It is better to be assembled by the supplier. If there is any problem, please contact the manufacturer in time.

Five Tips To Double The Battery Life of your Escooter

1. Battery system should be stored in 50%-80% charged state when the storage period exceeds 3 month.

2. After 6 months normal use of battery products, lithium battery maintenance should be done by the following checks, when found faults, should be immediately corrected.
All kinds of fasteners bolts, nuts are loose or not.
Whether the connecting wires between the pack are loose.
Whether the wire harness has the abrasion, has metal part expose outside.

3.When battery pack long-term no use, it is recommended every 12 months or do a charge and discharge cycle maintenance.Specific maintenance of lithium batteries in common are as follows: In 20±5 °C ambient temperature, 0.2C discharge end until no power, put aside for 30 minutes and then charge the battery pack fully.

4.In the maintenance process, do not re-dismantle the battery pack, otherwise,it will cause battery performance degradation or battery damage.

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