Outdoor Power Supply

Focus on outdoor power supply, we invest plenty of money on R&D, pay high attention on researching the latest models of backup power supply products, produce them to be fashion, practical, and cost effective.

1.The output conversion rate is above 90%.
2.The internal heat dissipation performance is excellent, the intelligent cooling system can improve the product conversion efficiency to the highest point.
3.Portable and diversity function.
4.shipment speed (15 working days) .

Application Field: Outdoor travel, outdoor office, outdoor construction, outdoor survey, military exercises, electricity testing, video shooting, fire emergency response, outdoor communications, Environmental monitoring, etc.

5 Points you must consider when buying an outdoor power supply

With life quality improvement and lifestyle diversification, outdoor travel and self-driving travel are becoming more and more popular among car owners, and even emerged a wave of outdoor travel bloggers and travel enthusiasts. “The world is so big, I want to see” aroused the resonance of so many people. Then the corresponding outdoor equipment has become a must-have for travelers, especially outdoor power supply. And on the market also emerged a variety of power supply, for this kind of products, many people are not familiar with, and do not know how to choose and buy, below Smartpropel mainly show you from some aspects how to choose and buy an outdoor power supply.

1.Battery capacity: Solve the problem of how much power to store.

Battery capacity should be the first consideration.

At present, the battery capacity of outdoor power supply in the domestic market varies from 100Wh to 2400Wh. 1000 Wh = 1 Kwh. The maximum capacity we’ve seen is 2400Wh, which means it has 2.4 -kilowatt storage.

For high-power equipment, the battery capacity determines the battery life and how long it can be charged. For low power equipment, the battery capacity determines how many charges can be made and the power consumption.

If you are on a long road trip (more than 2 days), especially in a sparsely populated area, it is recommended to choose a high-capacity power bank to avoid recharging. Battery capacity is the part of the battery pack, so large capacity is generally large and heavy.

2.Output power: Determines which electronic devices can be carried.

The output power is mainly rated power. Currently, there are 100W, 300W, 500W, 1000W, 1800W, and so on. The output power determines which kind of electronic equipment can be carried.

When you buy a power supply, you should know the power or battery capacity of the device you want to carry, then that you can determine which type of power supply you want to buy, can it carry the devices? how long to charge it? How many times can you charge it?

3.Battery cell: Cell decides the quality, safety, and cycle life of the power supply

Just as the engine is the main consideration when buying a car, the main consideration when buying a power supply is the battery cell, which is the storage part of the outdoor power supply battery. The quality of the cell directly determines the quality of the battery, which in turn determines the quality of the power supply.

It’s also a guarantee of safety. The cell can realize over-current protection, overcharge protection, over-discharge protection, short circuit protection, overpower protection, over-temperature protection, and so on. A good cell has a long life, stable performance, and safety. LG brand automobile power level battery cell is popular. The brand product has the guarantee, has the after-sales, has the public praise. Of course, there are other imported cells,like Sanyo, Samsung, Panasonic, SONY, etc.

Domestic battery cells also develop fast with improving high quality, which can be divided into polymer cells and 18650 cells from the material.

Polymer cells are safer and more stable. High-end energy will be made from a polymer cell. Lithium polymer cell, a mixture of lithium cobalt oxide, lithium manganese oxide, and ternary lithium. Through a certain proportion of the three mixture, with a certain process produced, the outside packaging is mainly used aluminum plastic film, middle of the lithium material status is mash. So the shape can be customized.

The 18650 cell, which is typically packaged in a steel case, holds 18650 lithium ions in a liquid state, like a cup filled with water, similar to this understanding. So the 18650 can only be cylindrical. This kind of cell is also the mainstream cell of power supply in the domestic market at present. There are lithium iron phosphate, lithium cobalt oxide, NCM cell.

Compared with lithium cobalt oxide battery, lithium iron phosphate battery has the following advantages:

  • It is safer and will not cause explosion or leakage even after overcharging and discharging situation.
  • Longer cycle life, normal use can be more than 2000 times
  • High multiplier, 2C charge 10C discharge, will not be hot, explosion, leakage, will not affect the life

Therefore, the polymer cell is preferred. For the 18650 cells, the lithium iron phosphate cell is superior to the NCM cell. There are no trifles in safety.

4. Charging way: When the power supply is out of power, there is 3 general way to charge the power bank: AC electric supply, car charging, and solar panel charging.

Consider the charging way when purchasing the outdoor power station.

5. Diversity function: Multiple output interfaces and functions

According to the direction of the current, it can be divided into AC and DC outputs. Outdoor power sources on the market differ in type, quantity, output power. Most customers buy outdoor power supply is due to the capacity of charge pal is usually small, which cannot meet the demand of many charging electronic devices. Therefore, consider an outdoor power supply that can solve more than 80% of the charging of electronic devices. The diversity of all charging ports is also considered by the public.

At present, the output ports are:

AC output: used for charging computers, fans, and other national standard triangular socket, flat socket equipment.

DC output: except AC output, the rest is DC output. Such as a car charger, USB, Type-C, wireless charger interface.

Car charging port: used for charging all kinds of on-board equipment, such as on-board electric cooker, onboard refrigerator, on-board vacuum cleaner, etc.

DC port: router and other devices.

USB interface: An electronic device used for charging fans, juicers, and other USB interfaces.

Type-C fast Charging: Fast charging technology is also an increasingly important technology in the charger industry. Everyone is trying to break through the bottleneck of being able to charge mobile phones and other electronic devices at maximum speed while ensuring safety. Here we only the outdoor power supply fast charging. There are PD15W, 45W, 60W output power that appeared on the market. It’s faster and more convenient to charge a phone without a charging head. It can be used for type-C MacBook/ Air/Pro laptop and mobile phone。

Lighting: A flashlight is also a must for outdoor enthusiasts. Install a lighting function in the power supply, this power supply integration function is more powerful. At present, there are two types of power supply: a round lamp, an energy-saving lamp. It is a great choice for outdoor lovers.

6 .Others

Pure sine wave output: comparable to a mains supply, waveform stability, no damage to power supply equipment, safe use. Now people seldom use corrected sine, usually,we use sine waves instead.

Weight and Volume: Based on the current energy storage technology, the same capacity outdoor power supply, volume and weight are nearly the same. Of course, whoever has the priority to reduce volume and weight will be on the top of energy storage field.

Of course, the price is also very important. Choose and buy power supply need comprehensive consideration, but cell, capacity, output power among them is the most important 3 parameters. Select the optimal combination according to the requirements. Choose the most cost-effective products, rather than the cheapest products.

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