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SmartPropel is a professional china custom lithium battery pack manufacturer.

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1. What kind of product will the lithium battery used for? 

2. What’s the device voltage and current and if possible peak current?

3. How long would you like the device to be used before next charging?

4. How much space do you have for the battery?

5. Any special shape requirement? Triangle? Ultra thin? Ultra small? Arc shape?

6. What’s your application work condition? Temperature range?

7. How about the cycle life requirement?

8. Do you need Can Communication function during your application?

9. What’s the quantity you need?

10. When will you start the project?

As a mature lithium battery manufacturer, we are responsible and professional. 

According to the information you shared, our engineers will evaluate and recommend the suitable ready standard lithium battery products to you, or customize the battery according to your special requirements in 15 days.

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