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New Trend Fire Protection Guidelines for Thermal Runaway of Lithium Energy Storage Batteries in 2022

Battery Fire Protection

In recent years, lithium battery thermal runaway events frequently, lithium battery fire extinguishing system is the urgent need to solve the problem in the industry.

It is found that the fire extinguishing effect of water extinguishing agent is better. Dry powder extinguisher not only does not play a role in suppressing fire, but may cause the explosion of lithium battery. Hfc-227ea has a strong cooling effect. The fire extinguishing efficiency of HFc-227ea and PERfluorohexanone on lithium battery is higher, and the fire extinguishing effect is related to the fire extinguishing dose. Overall consideration, perfluorohexanone as lithium battery fire extinguishing agent advantage is better.

Perfluorinated hexanone

Perfluorohexanone is a clear, colorless, odorless liquid supercharged with nitrogen and stored in high-pressure cylinders as part of a fire extinguishing system. Application scenario Fires occur in data centers, computer rooms, and energy storage power stations. The advantages of perfluorohexanone fire extinguishing agent are environmental protection performance, its potential value of global greenhouse effect (GWP) : 1; Ozone depletion potential value (ODP) : 0; Life in atmosphere (years) : 0.014 (5 days); Provides a long-term and durable replacement for hydrofluorocarbons (HFC), halons (Halon) and perfluorinated compounds (PFC).

fire protection

1. Fire Extinguishing Agent

Because the fire extinguishing concentration of perfluorohexanone is 4-6%, the safety margin is relatively high, and it is safer to use. Perfluorohexanone is liquid at room temperature, and it is not classified as dangerous goods, so transportation costs are low.

Our 48V100AH lithium iron phosphate batteries have been shown to contain fire in the event of thermal runaway using 8Kg of perfluorohexanone as an extinguishing agent.

2.Cooling fluid

The boiling point of perfluorohexanone is 49°C, the heat of evaporation is 1/25 of water, the steam pressure is 25 times of water, easy to vaporize, the heat of gasification is 88.0kJ/kg, the insulation strength is 2.3, can be used in lithium battery system as a cooling system.

Using these properties of PERfluorohexanone, the cooling device “perpetual motion” system in lithium battery system can be manufactured.

Advantages of perfluorohexanone in lithium battery system
1. Green and safe
2. Good fire extinguishing effect
3. The cost is low
4. It can not only be used as fire extinguishing agent, but also as cooling liquid.

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Author: Andy Luo