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Learn these tips to make your lithium battery last longer


The lithium battery maintenance is an important part to improve lithium battery life, only good maintenance for lithium battery can extend the lithium battery service life. The correct use of lithium batteries is one kind of ability and technology. After learning and mastering these lithium batteries maintaining methods, we can not only feel more assured when using lithium batteries but also save the cost of purchasing lithium batteries and reduce the living expenses. Let us take 18650 lithium battery maintenance as an example, check out key tips for maintaining SmartPropel lithium batteries.


1.What are the maintenance methods of lithium batteries?

1) Battery system should be stored in 50%-80% charged state when the storage period exceeds 3 month

2)After 6 months normal use of battery products, lithium battery maintenance should be done by the following checks, when found faults, should be immediately corrected.

All kinds of fasteners bolts, nuts are loose or not.

Whether the connecting wires between the pack are loose.

Whether the wire harness has the abrasion, has metal part expose outside.

3)When battery pack long-term no use, it is recommended every 12 months or so a charge and discharge cycle maintenance.Specific maintenance of lithium batteries in common are as follows: In 20±5 °C ambient temperature, 0.2C discharge end until no power, put aside for 30 minutes and then charge the battery pack fully.

4)In the maintenance process, do not re-dismantle the battery pack, otherwise,it will cause battery performance degradation or battery damage.

2.What are the lithium battery maintenance techniques?

1)The battery pack entire battery system output connection needs to be completed by professional engineers. Hands or other metal objects should not touch the positive and negative terminals of the battery pack at the same time to avoid electric shock or short circuit.

2)The battery pack should be secured fixed and the fittings should be secured connected. The battery pack shall not be operated in an inverted state.

3)The SOC of the power supply product should be about 50-80% when they are delivered from the factory.

4)The ambient temperature has a great influence on the discharge performance of the battery. The discharge capacity will decrease at low temperatures, which is a normal phenomenon and will recover at a normal temperature.

3.What are the matters needing attention in lithium battery maintenance?

1) When charge and discharge, do not use other items covered in the battery pack, otherwise the heat accumulation will lead to battery performance decline, leakage, and other problems.

2)Battery Pack Inversion should be avoided in the process of carrying, assembling, and testing.

3)Users without permission, shall not open the battery pack, strictly prohibit dismantle, in case of damage the insulation parts, lead to short circuit, affect the usage.

4)The battery pack should be stored in a dry and ventilated environment with temperature not higher than 35 °C and relative humidity less than 85%. Keep away from inflammable and explosive materials.

5)Never expose the battery system under the sun or rain.

6)Batteries are high voltage systems, so pay attention to electrical safety. when maintaining the lithium battery, do not touch the positive and negative electrodes of the battery pack by hand or other metal items, wires, to avoid electric shock or short circuit, which may cause danger.

7)Do not connect the positive and negative electrodes of the battery pack in reverse, or it may cause reverse charging, lead to battery leak, heat, and rupture.

8)Never rebuild the battery system without authorization. In the battery pack, in order to prevent danger, it is equipped with a protection system, if the protection system is damaged, may lead to charge can not be controlled, or charge and discharge current exceeds the set boundary value, resulting in battery pack leakage, heat, rupture.

9)Avoid overcharging the battery for a long period, which can cause the battery to leak, heat up, and rupture.

10)When abnormal circumstances happened during battery use application, they should immediately disconnect the power supply, and contact with the manufacturer for maintenance timely.

11)The installation and operation of the system shall be in the charge of professional personnel, who shall have to dismantle the battery without any reason.

12)Remember that all lithium-ion batteries should be charged at temperatures above 0°C and below 60 °C.

13)If you don’t know the working current of the wire or the protective board when you do the battery maintenance, be sure to communicate with the project engineers, who will help you to improve the maintenance technology of lithium battery pack. When do battery pack maintenance it is better to wear gloves, do not scratch the surface of the battery, it’s bad for the appearance.

SmartPropel Original Work Writer:Sen Yang