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It’s not all battery problems if your electric scooter is underpowered


We often encounter problems with customers who report electric scooter batteries that don’t run fast. To tell the truth, some scooters can not run far, it is the quality of the battery problem. But there are also a considerable number of scooters running not far the battery is not the problem. But there are quite a few electric scooters that can’t run very far, and it’s not the battery problem. However, most electric vehicle users once found that the vehicle can not run far, will subconsciously think that the battery is not good, and ask to replace the battery. Some users also still think that the battery has a problem even after the regular detection of the battery is normal.

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Many factors cause the electric scooters to run not far, and the battery is just one aspect of it. As a person in the industry, it must be said and done, at least to understand some of the reasons that cause the problem. So, what are the factors that cause batteries to not run very far? Please read below:

  1. Motor demagnetization problem If a customer comes to the door on an electric scooter and says it can’t go far, while testing the battery, it is also necessary to check whether there are problems with the motor. If the motor has entered the water in the rain, the interior is likely to be damp, rust. Once the motor rusting, it is likely to cause motor demagnetization, and eventually lead to a low energy conversion rate, the most direct performance is that the range of electric scooters decreases not far. What we can do to solve this problem? If the internal corrosion of the motor is not too serious, you can remove the rust after dismantling the motor. Generally speaking, the power and range of electric scooters can be improved to a certain extent after rust removal. Of course, if the internal corrosion of the motor has been very serious, then you can only choose to replace the new motor.
  1. The controller aging problem After checking the motor, if there is no problem with the motor, we can check the controller. As one of the parts with the highest frequency of use in electric scooters, the controller also has a certain service life. When it comes to a certain number of years, the controller will also appear aging problem! Once the controller aging, it will be shown as a decrease in speed, mileage affected, not far away. For this kind of situation, how to solve it? Controller aging, generally does not adopt the maintenance way, can only be replaced to solve the problem.
  1. The brake failure. Besides, we also need to check the brakes. If the brake is damp or not used frequently, it will rust, which will lead to the inflexible and difficult position of the brake rocker arm, thus increasing the resistance of the electric tricycle in the process of driving, which will shorten the range of the electric tricycle to a certain extent, so that the electric tricycle can not run far.What is the solution to such a problem? Of cause, you should remove rust and oil properly. If the brake parts are damaged and do not work after cleaning rust and oiling, it is necessary to replace the appropriate new parts.
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  1. Accessory mismatch
    Finally, many people found that the motor, controller, brake, and other parts are no problem, so will vent their anger to the battery. Think that the car can not run far and fast must be the battery problem, even after the final detection, found that the battery discharge is normal also insisted that the battery problem. In fact, at this time you can check the specifications of the battery, motor, and controller to see whether they are matching. Sometimes, even if all of these parts are no problem, the mismatching of all of these parts can lead to an electric scooter that doesn’t run fast and far. This is the easiest to ignore a problem at ordinary times! This kind of problem can be solved by replacing one of the mismatched parts.

In a word, the general underpowered in electric scooters is caused by these four reasons. It only needs to be checked one by one when you meed the problem. But no matter what the problem is, as long as to repair for the first time, it will not cause new problems.

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