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How to use your 12V 100Ah and 12V 200Ah solar battery properly?

12v deep cycle battery

LifePO4 battery 12v 100ah and 12V 200Ah are mainly used for household energy storage, outdoor power supply, RV,Marine. 12V deep cycle battery in the use of the process can prevent battery overcharging, over discharge, high temperature storage for a long time.

1. Battery pack charging, 12v 100ah LifePO4 battery normal choice 16V20A charger, charging time 6 hours to complete charging, you can also choose 16V320W solar panel charging; 12v 200ah deep cycle battery normal Choose 16V40A charger, charging time of 6 hours can complete charging, also can choose 16V640W solar panel to charge, charging environment temperature should be between 0 ~ 45 °C, don’t short circuit when connecting charging terminal, do not connect the negative and positive wires in reverse, also can not choose the voltage mismatch charger to charge, which will lead to battery overcharge after the risk of fire, explosion. Charge in an open area. Do not charge the battery in stairwells, aisles, or elevators.

2. Battery pack discharge, battery discharge need to choose the corresponding voltage load, such as 12V power supply can only give the corresponding 12V load for use, because the voltage is too high will burn out the load, voltage is too low and can not work properly. When the power supply is only 12V and needs to supply 48V or 220V load power supply, the 12V power supply needs to be boosted to 48V or 220V by inverter. If you want to connect several 12V batteries in series directly, should under the guide of SmartPropel.

3. Battery pack storage, 12v 100ah deep cycle battery and 12v 200ah deep cycle battery are mainly used in household energy storage, RV and outdoor power supply, battery pack in transportation and use should prevent high temperature, battery pack should be stored at ambient temperature 0 ~ 45 °C environmental conditions. The battery pack can not be soaked in water either, which can cause a short circuit inside the battery.

4. In the process of using and installing the battery pack, attention should avoid the short circuit of the battery, insulation work should be done well, the charging plug should be connected with the AC power supply first, and then the charger output terminal should be connected with the battery pack, after charging, first disconnect the charger output port from the battery pack and then disconnect the charger plug.