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How to use 72V 100Ah Electric Car lithium ion battery properly? By doing this, you’ll be driving your car years longer than anyone else!

72V 100Ah electric car lithium ion battery

The most important thing in a new energy vehicle is the battery. In order to protect the battery, we have to care about it. Should we try to keep it fully charged, or should we fully discharge it and recharge it again? It is common to see customers asking for a quote, “Is the battery aging quickly?”“How can the battery last longer?”… You can see how worry everyone is about the battery in the electric car.

So today we’re going to talk about some of the best habits you can have with an electric car that can make your 72V 100Ah lithium ion battery or 72V 200Ah electric car lithium battery last longer than anyone else’s.

The first thing you have to do is learn how to recharge the battery without waiting for the battery fully run out. when the battery is less than 10% or even dead, it is over-charged; when the battery is between 20% and 90% , and not to 100% , it is shallow charge and shallow discharge.

A lot of people here will be surprised: so repeated charge, is not a waste of charge times? No, it’s not. If you look at the premise above, battery life is based on the number of full charge-discharge cycles, not the number of single charges. So… Why do you have to be shallow charge and discharge?

On the molecular level, over-discharge will lead to over-release of lithium ions from anode graphite and collapse of its lamellar structure, while over-charge will force excess lithium ions into anode graphite structure, some of the lithium ions are deposited and can never be released again. At the same time, over-discharge will cause copper plating on the negative plate to the positive electrode, and destroy the microstructure of the positive electrode.

The second is the driving habit, try to avoid driving hard and running at high speed. We should all understand the logical chain of driving hard — faster power consumption — more frequent charging and discharging — faster cycle consumption — shorter battery life.

Last but not least, avoid driving/charging at extreme temperatures due to the influence of the environment on the activity of the electrolyte in the battery.

Master above tips, can high increase your EV and ATV lithium ion battery pack for longer cycle life and enjoy the SmartPropel high quality lithium ion batteries.