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How to select the right lithium battery capacity for the electric bike?

2020 09 17 上午10.27.56

With technology development, lithium battery and people’s life are inseparable, lithium battery has been used in a large number of electric vehicles, including the electric bike. Today SmartPropel engineer will talk about the Ebike battery, to provide you some important notes when your purchase Ebike for reference.

With the popularity of electric vehicles and the rise of high-end intelligent powered bicycles, more and more lithium batteries are recognized and purchased by consumers.

Advantage of Lithium-ion Batteries

Li-ion battery is more powerful than lead-acid battery at the initial stage; The weight of the same capacity is about 1/2-1/3 of lead-acid batteries; Lithium battery has a wide usage temperature range than lead-acid battery; The cycle life of lithium battery is 2-3 times than lead-acid battery; Lithium battery without harmful heavy metals to the human body, the human living environment more friendly, more environmental friendly!

2020 09 17 上午10.27.56

When purchase Ebike, most people will fall into a thinking mistake, focusing only on the lithium-ion battery is 36V or 48V? Is it 10Ah, 12Ah, or 20Ah? Tangled in the purchase of 300 WH (watt-hour), 400 wh or 500 wh, or directly look at the mileage after a single charge, simple thinking to reach the high mileage after comparison and make the blind pursuit of high mileage decision.

What should customers consider?

To select an electric bicycle battery, first should consider the use of electric bicycle road, motor, controller, mileage.

For example, A 36-volt controller and motor, in general, requires a 36-volt pack. All controllers allow a range of voltages before they pop so it’s highly probable you could go to a 52-volt battery even though your controller is rated for 48 volts. By overvoltage your 48V controller and motor with a 52V battery, you get a nice performance gain with a low chance of frying your controller. Upping the voltage of your battery slightly is the easiest way to get a performance gain on an existing electric bike set up.

After the voltage is determined, Smartpropel develops battery products for electric bicycle, it will make precise positioning according to the use of the products, cycling environment. Configure different capacity of lithium batteries according to different positioning.

For the electric bike, the general use is divided into daily or called urban mobility, suburban leisure and entertainment, sports and fitness, land exploration, cross-country exploration, and mountain conquest, and so on. Cycling environment: flat paved roads, undulating countryside terrain, mixed roads, mountain trails, and steep climbing trails.

For example, the electric bike on the South Sichuan Tibet line, which is suitable for all-terrain cycling, requires a lot of torque to overcome the harsh and complicated road surface and has a long-range, so the configuration of a larger capacity 576Wh light efficient lithium battery. Range: Sport: 80-100 Km; Normal: 100-120 Km; Eco: 200-240 km, which is just what you need for a planned daily cycle of about 200 km.

Ebike Model 4

Of course, it is necessary to bring a spare battery to the South Sichuan-Tibet line, which is the most difficult drive road in the eyes of cycling enthusiasts.

Equipped with 432Wh lightweight high-efficiency lithium battery, Sports Ebike can support you for urban mobility, range parameters: Sport: 40-50Km; Normal: 50-60Km; Eco: 100-120Km, this parameter can be adjusted when the power-up mode in SPORT, the instant release of a strong 80Nm Torque to meet the needs of hill climbing race.

Ebike Model 1

An Ebike with 360Wh light-weight high-efficiency lithium battery is a good choice for leisure. Its excellent cost performance can meet the use of long-distance leisure riding, the original car configuration range: Sport: 30-40 Km; Normal: 40-60 Km; Eco: 60-80 km.

Ebike Battery model 3 1

One more thing I have to mention, not the higher capacity, the better. Despite the cost reason, due to increasing the high capacity, the weight will increase at the same time, too much weight will influence the Ebike loading and influence the endurance mileage as well. So choose the suitable lithium battery pack according to your using application, instead of just choose the one with higher capacity.

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