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How to prolong the battery of an electric scooter?

Escooter battery

The E-scooter lithium battery is the energy source for the electric scooter, and how far it can ride depends on how large energy the battery has. How to let the lithium battery works better for your electric scooter allowing you to ride longer with limited power? There must be a lot of scooter enthusiasts concerned about the problem. Here are a few tips on how to make your electric scooter battery last longer.

1.Keep the battery of the electric scooter as full as possible, when do not in use

At present, the e-scooter batteries used in the market are basically lithium batteries, the standard models are 36V 6Ah, 36V 7.8Ah, and 36V 10.5Ah lithium battery. Actually, the dimension and size are the same. The battery pack with higher capacity is assembled with higher energy density cells. In the same 36V voltage platform, the higher capacity and the electric scooter can drive longer. Actual, if the electric scooter battery is in a unique shape, choose SmartPropel customized lithium battery is a brilliant choice.

Lithium batteries usually can cycle charge and discharge 500-800 times, so their service life is relatively long. One might think that 500 cycles mean only 500 recharges, so choosing to wait until the battery is completely depleted in order to extend its life is a mistake. 500 times is the charge-discharge cycle is 500 times. A cycle of charge and discharge means that the battery charge from full to empty, from empty to full process, which is not the same as a charge. So each time the battery is not discharged to charge so that the electric scooter battery to keep full power, it is equivalent to an invisible continuous extension of the cycle of charge and discharge, and thus extend the battery life.

Escooter battery

2.Check the charger regularly

The battery of the electric scooter depends on the charger, which can keep it full charge all the time. Just because a charger can be recharged does not mean it is in good working condition. Electronics can age over a period of time, and chargers are no exception. If the charger is broken or age that you don’t know it, you may not be able to fully charge the battery or you may have a problem with the battery charge, which will affect the battery life of the E-scooter.

3.Pay attention to the maintenance of electric scooter lithium battery

To maintain the batteries of the electric balancing vehicle, you can refer to the following methods:

  1. Check the installation of the battery on the electric scooter regularly to prevent the battery from being damaged by vibration.
  2. Clean the dust and dirt on the battery box regularly, keep the battery dry and clean, avoid battery discharge by itself.
  3. Keep the battery away from high-temperature environment as far as possible, keep good ventilation environment when charging.
  4. Try to avoid too heavy load of electric scooter. The heavy load of electric scooter will lead to the increase of motor current, which will cause excessive discharge of the battery and affect the service life of battery seriously.

In doing so, it is believed that the batteries of the E-scooter will last longer.