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How to prevent electric scooters fire?

lithium ion battery fire

Why do electric scooter charging frequently cause fires?

Many electric scooters charge at night, and some owners did not park in the specified place to charge, leading to the accident at the first time no one knows, delay the best time to fight the fire.

Some electric scooter owners in order to charge convenient, private wiring, easy to cause circuit failure, resulting in fire.

The terrible consequences of electric scooters causing fires

Short circuit product spark: the flame temperature up to 130 degrees and continues to rise.

30 seconds later: The temperature of the flame can reach 310 degrees. If the fire is in the room, the temperature can reach 120 degrees, and the toxic gas covers the whole room and spreads very fast.

Two minutes later: The flame temperature can reach 680 degrees, the other plastic parts of the electric car are ignited, the room temperature can reach 180-220 degrees high temperature, and the burning smoke is very toxic.

Three minutes and thirty seconds later: The whole electric car has been reported by the flame temperature reached 1200 degrees, the room temperature is more than 660 degrees. High temperature smoke is more deadly than open flame. It kills people.

How to prevent electric scooters fire?

1. Reasonably control the charging time.

Most owners generally go home from work to charge the electric scooter, in the past morning when they went to work to unplug the power supply, continuous charging is generally more than 12 hours, easy to cause battery fire or explosion. Depending on the capacity of the can be charged in 8-10 hours. The charging time is calculated by the following formula: Battery capacity(Ah)/Charger current(A)*80%= Charging time(h), why multiply by 80%, because most lithium batteries discharge at 80% depth each cycle, and charge when the battery is still 20%. For example, a 72V 60Ah battery, with 8A charger, charging time should be 60/8*80%=6h.

2. Do not charge in the house.

There are many flammable articles in the room, and it is easy to cause a fire once there is a fire accident. Due to the high value of electric scooters or lithium batteries, many owners are afraid of their electric scooters will be stolen if parked outside, so they will put the electric scooters upstairs in their home. They don’t realize the safety risks of bringing electric scooters or lithium-ion batteries home to recharge.

3. Do not fly the cable to charge.

Flying wire charging is easy to cause fire in the case of sudden weather changes.

4. Do not park the electric scooters in the corridor.

  • Do not take the elevator with electric scooters

The elevator is a confined and narrow space, if there is an emergency, there are security risks.

6. Don’t blindly modify electric scooters

It is easy to cause line load and fire easily to add sound and lighting to electric vehicles.

7. Do not buy and use substandard electric scooters

The purchase and use of substandard electric scooters will increase the risk index. Especially the battery, do not buy inferior lithium battery products. SmartPropel lithium batteries are all made of brand new A-type cells, quality BMS and reliable laser welding technology, battery quality is guaranteed.

8. Strengthen daily self-examination and self-inspection

Check the electric scooter and battery regularly, and repair the problem in time.

China’s fire safety regulations prohibit parking or charging electric bikes in public foyers, evacuation walkways, stairwells and safety exits of high-rise civil buildings. Encourage the establishment of centralized storage and charging places for electric bicycles in high-rise residential areas. Storage and charging places for electric bicycles shall be set up independently, and a safe distance shall be kept from high-rise civil buildings. If it is really necessary to install it in a high-rise civil building, it shall be separated from other parts of the building by fire prevention. The storage and charging places of electric bicycles shall be equipped with necessary fire fighting equipment, and the charging facilities shall be equipped with automatic power off function.

Electric scooters bring a lot of convenience to life, but the safety problem can not be underestimated. Only by improving safety awareness, abiding by fire safety laws and regulations, and using electric scooters and lithium batteries rationally, then we can avoid unnecessary injuries and make life better.