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How to choose your best lithium ion battery for solar?

12V RV battery

There are many different types of lithium batteries on the market. How to choose your favorite lithium battery? As a professional lithium battery factory for more than 15 years technical experience, SmartPropel give you below suggestions:

1. Look at the appearance of the lithium battery.

Look at the appearance, workmanship, size and process. To see whether the shell seam width is wide, whether there are burrs, whether there are oil stains, feel good, advanced technology is very comfortable, through polishing, rubber oil polishing materials both feel good, together, they’re also highly insulated.

2. See if the capacity is clearly marked

Lithium-ion batteries without clearly marked capacity are likely to be scrap batteries assembled from scratch using poor-quality batteries or recycled batteries. Especially the lifepo4 battery 12V 100Ah, lifepo4 battery12V 200Ah and household storage 48V 100Ah lifepo4 battery, the market is full of many cheap lithium batteries, which are made by retracting or disassembling battery cells. Although the price is cheap, but the life is short and the quality is unstable. Careless use may damage the equipment, or even blow up.

3.Look at the BMS

The characteristics of li-ion battery determine that li-ion battery must be added with BMS to avoid overcharge, over-discharge and short circuit. In the face of intense price competition, some battery companies are looking for a lower price for their protective panels, perhaps bypassing the device altogether and flooding the market with potentially explosive lithium batteries. Of course, in fact, consumers can not tell from the appearance of maintenance circuit board, it is best to choose a reputable business purchase.

4. Look at brands

Lithium-ion batteries come in many brands, but the quality is hard to tell from the outside. Different lithium battery pack manufacturers produce lithium ion battery may have a large variation. In this case, before purchase solar lithium battery or customized batteries we should do more research before the selection, more to the Internet to consult the manufacturer’s informations. In general, professional and large lithium battery factory are more reliable than small suppliers, and manufacturers that have been in the business for a long time are more trustworthy than those that have just entered the field.

SmartPropel professional engineering team have 15 years industry experience in the lithium battery production field. We are proud to offer a custom service to our customers. If you need a custom-made battery for a specific application, speak to us, we can help to work out. We will design and manufacture batteries and cells according to your specific requirements. Whether you are designing your own electric car or a solar battery device for a particular application, do not hesitate to contact us. SmartPropel will provide a one-stop 5 star service with a fully integrative battery solution.