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How to choose the right Ebike battery charger?

Ebike Charger

As we know, Ebike lithium battery pack is a very important accessory for Ebike. The Ebike battery performance influence a lot for the Ebike riding experience, Ebike driving mileage and Ebike service life.

Accompany with battery pack, Ebike lithium battery charger is also very necessary accessories that can effectively extend the battery life, and help you enjoy your Ebike freely. The following is important tips for you to choose the right charger for your Ebike.

  1. Charger specifications (voltage and capacity) should consistent with the battery pack specifications, in particular the voltage, with a high-voltage charger to charge a low-voltage battery pack, the battery can bulge deformation, resulting in battery scrap, serious security risks may also arise.
  2. Do not covet cheap, make sure to use the charger provided or appointed by battery pack factory or brand charger, higher price things are of better quality, charger parameters do not drift, security, battery life is guaranteed.
  3. Charging parameters of the charger, the key is the maximum charging voltage, 48V charger suitable maximum charging voltage is 58.8-59.3V. To ensure that the battery pack is fully charged, to ensure the battery life.
  4. The charger with timing function, anti thermal runaway and other protection functions can help to reduce the risk of battery bulging and deformation caused by thermal runaway during charging, and reduce battery abnormal damage and lead to premature obsolescence.
  5. It is best to choose a charger with a temperature compensation function, reasonable temperature compensation can make the battery pack do not lack of charge in winter and do not overcharge in summer, and ultimately ensure battery life.
  6. Avoid quick charging chargers.If fast charge lithium battery pack frequently, will influence the lithium battery performance and cycle life.

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