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How to choose and buy an electric scooter with Lithium battery?

Electric Scooter Lithium Battery

The electric scooter is a new type of travel tool which is popular in recent years. It is evolved from sports skateboard. In addition to transportation, electric scooters have a clear segmentation based on different uses. Generally can be divided into sports and conventional, the market more popular electric scooter is usually conventional, from the size of the tires and lithium battery capacity, directly determine the size of the electric scooter. It also depends on the policy’s unclear line between electric bikes and motorcycles. Some of the high-performance electric scooters still exist in the form of scooters, but their size and range are larger and longer than some of the electric bikes, so how should we choose their own electric scooters? What kind of scooter can meet their needs?

First of all, we choose to buy electric scooter is certainly used as a substitute. Very few explanations and explanations for extreme sports are given here. Because of the high pressure on lithium-ion batteries, electric scooters with lithium-ion batteries have been banned from most public places, such as subways and some offices. So we need to take this into account when shopping. So as not to inconvenience yourself.

Now I according to the current mainstream products on the market to do a general list of distinction, so that you can choose.

1.By Tyre Size

Scooter tires on the market range from 5 to 12 inches. The smaller the tire, the smaller the electric scooter will usually be, but usually the smaller the tire, the lower the passing rate of the electric scooter, if there are small potholes on the road, or there are obviously large particle shape, such scooter comfort will be lower. Take 5-inch tires for example, generally speaking, electric scooters with 5 inch tires are more suitable for better roadsides. If It’s out in the country, or on a muddy road, it’s almost impossible to use. Of course, its smaller body makes it easier to carry around, making it a great choice for short trips.

Generally I recommend between 7-10-inch lithium battery electric scooter, this type of electric scooter is the current mainstream products on the market, can adapt to most of the road travel. And the body size will not cause too big to carry inconvenient.

2.By Battery Size

Electric scooter battery specifications from 24V, 36V, 48V. 36V Electric Scooter Lithium battery is the main majority on the market. Most 36V 6Ah E-scooter lithium battery, 36V 7.8Ah E-scooter lithium battery, 36V 10.5Ah E-scooter lithium battery are standard models on the market and can be applied in most electric scooter these days, which can lead to a long journey and pleasant driving experience.

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3.Choose by size and weight

Electric scooters can be folded, which is a major advantage of its own, folded in the trunk of the car backup trunk. Well, normally, electric scooters are proportional in size and weight. In the purchase, we can according to their actual needs to choose the appropriate size of the electric scooter.

Daily maintenance of electric scooter

The daily maintenance of electric scooters is usually relatively simple. Apart from normal body cleaning and charging, it doesn’t need much attention. However, some electric scooters use pneumatic tires, we might want to keep an eye on the tires on our scooters while we use them. If the electric scooter tires distinguish between inner and outer tires, it is recommended to remove the inner tire, replace the outer tire with a vacuum-type tire with tire self-replenishing fluid, this can avoid a lot of trouble. It’s also more comfortable to drive than solid tires.