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How to choose a reliable AGV car lithium battery?

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As AGV cars are widely used in the transportation industry, AGV cars also have certain requirements for the choice of power energy. Generally, AGV cars use lithium batteries. Then how to choose the appropriate AGV car lithium battery, we need to take these aspects into consideration.

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1. Functional requirements

Lithium battery is the most important part of the AGV car, which needs to work continuously without any failure under working conditions. The AGV lithium battery should have a safe and reliable BMS management system, which can cooperate with the AGV car to complete the work, and at the same time, it should also have lithium battery capacity, voltage, current, and power level alarm function. At present, the communication protocols of AGV battery mainly include RS485, RS232 and CAN. We need to select the BMS module of the battery according to the communication protocol.

2. Charging efficiency

AGV cars generally operate 24 hours a day continuously and are charged automatically. The charging time is charged when the AGV car has no work tasks or stops for a short time, and the charging times are multiple times a day and each charging time is very short. This has a high demand on the battery’s receiving capacity, and it is necessary to ensure that the battery’s charging capacity meets the discharge capacity.

3. Safety performance

Due to the unstable internal chemical reaction, lithium battery has low safety performance. Besides, AGV car adopts high-current charging mode, so it is necessary to ensure safety during charging. At present, the most popular choice of AGV car lithium battery is NCM lithium battery, which has the characteristics of high energy density, large energy storage, low-temperature resistance, and so on, but with lower safety performance than LFP. LFP lithium batteries should be the safest. For example, AGV batteries with large power consumption or high-power discharge are supposed to have a lithium battery capacity of more than 1.5 kWh. For safety reasons, it is recommended to use LFP lithium batteries under the condition that the weight and size can be satisfied. LFP Lithium batteries can be used for AGV batteries at high temperatures or in harsh road conditions. SmartPropel 48V100Ah AGV lithium battery pack is made of LFP battery, total capacity is 4.8KWH and max. discharge current can reach 100A.

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