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The electric vehicle lithium ion battery pack produced in our factory are mainly used for golf carts and various electric vehicles
We are a leading lithium ion golf cart batteries manufacturer in china, supplying high quality lithium ion golf cart battery pack from 144V 100/120/200Ah, 48V 300Ah to 72V 100/150/300Ah.
We have been specialized in lithium ion battery pack manufacture over 15 years.
With our experienced professionals in this field, we believe we can lower your cost, but still provide better service.
If you are looking for custom lithium ion battery supplier that offers good quality and competitive price, you are in right place now.

All You Need To Know About Customize EV Lithium Battery

Customize lithium battery products refer to the requirement of product size, environmental characteristics, performance, equipment power, working time,etc, and according to the different working voltage and the selected material characteristic (LFP cell 3.2 v or NCM cell 3.7 v), the single cells are connected in series and parallel to fulfill diversity working voltage and capacity. Then adding battery management system, shell and other accessories to compose the final battery pack.

What are the main parameters of lithium battery pack customization?

Different products and application scenarios have different requirements for a battery pack and the battery packs used in different products will require different cells.

Lithium battery specifications and styles are conducive to lithium battery manufacturers in product development and design process under smaller category circumstances.

The size of the lithium battery will greatly influence how much storage capacity the lithium battery pack can do. The larger space, the more energy can fill in.

If you don’t know the battery size, you can use a tape measure to measure the space length, width, and height in your vehicles. If the shape is special and abnormal, pls send us a picture or 3D drawing for reference. This will prevent the reality and ideal from very different from the situation and ensures the produced battery can fit in the golf cart well.

When the lithium battery pack is used in EV, AGV, etc, some battery charge and discharge port is the same port, some battery is different port, and some battery output is two wires. In the custom battery market, there are diverse kinds of output methods, so custom-made lithium battery must confirm the output mode to the manufacturers.

Through motor power, peak motor power, we can calculate the constant discharge current and peak discharge current. That will influence our selection of discharge rate cells and BMS.

For most battery packs, the charge temperature is 0-45℃, the discharge temperature is -20-55℃.

For example, if the snowmobile lithium battery pack is used in an extremely low temperature, we should consider adding a heating system, to ensure its normal usage.

Chargers with different voltages and currents vary greatly. If the voltage of the battery charger is too low, it may not be able to charge, if the electric vehicle charger voltage is too high there will be a greater security risk.

There are also two charging models: fast charge and normal charge.

After confirm the required charging time, the battery pack manufacturer can provide a set of corresponding chargers.

There are several communication protocols in the market: CAN, RS485, RS232,etc. Confirm the communication protocol for your equipment.

Tell us your other battery pack requirements, such as pack case material, color, discharge current, etc. The manufacturer will satisfy your requirements if achievable.

Why Choose SmartPropel battery?

lithium battery cell

Original A Grade Cell

Best consistency, powerful performance above 2000 cycles. LG cells are provided, including cylindrical cells, pouch cells and aluminum cells. We all use electric vehicle A Grade Level.

lithium battery BMS


First level BMS manufacturer, protect battery no fire, no explosion, prevent over-discharge, over-charge, and short current. Data transform accurately, temperature monitor precisely. support Can Communication.

Lithium Battery Wire&Plug

Wire & Plug

High-quality wire & plug which ensure the battery safety & lifespan. Adopt a high-temperature-resistant wire output mode to increase conductor reliability.

Shell Structure

Shell Structure

Adopt a waterproof and anti-collision metal shell, suitable for diverse environments. The inside battery has the reinforcing device, the cooling system, and the intelligent BMS, which makes the performance of the battery the utmost.

Lithium Battery design

Professional battery design

Our engineer custom the best solution considering mechanical & electrical concepts. We care about each details: welding, cable, BMS, best insulation processing, etc.

Flexible Customization

Capacity, Power, Voltage and cell can be customized due to diversity requirements. All batteries have installation flexibility, fast-charging capabilities, and are maintenance

High-quality Charger

The metal casing charger with a built-in cooling facility, ensure charge safe and battery cycle life

Battery Standard Models

Standard Modules

Apply standard modules, from 48V,60V to 72V, variety models for customers to choose from for their EVs.

Lithium Battery Welding

Auto Welding Technology

Auto welding technology is widely applied in escooter battery manufacture process, which ensure connection reliability.

International Standard

Battery pack complies with international standards, with stable performance and long cycle life. NCM cycle life is above 800 cycles, the LFP cycle life is above 2000 cycles.

Five Tips To Double The Battery Life Of Your Electric Car

1. Note the working environment temperature

Lithium-ion batteries are afraid of overheating as well as being too cold, should not be used in extreme environments. Theoretically, the battery can work normally between -20℃ and 65℃. In daily life, there is no harm to the lithium battery when the temperature is between 5℃ and 35℃. Customers in the north try to park their lithium-ion battery cars indoors rather than outdoors in the winter, and those in the south try to prevent them from being exposed to the sun in the summer.

2 Lithium-ion batteries should not be deeply charged or discharged frequently

The number of battery cycles listed refers to the number of complete recharges and discharges. Unlike nickel-cadmium batteries, lithium-ion batteries have no memory effect and can be recharged anytime, anywhere. Charging the battery with excess power will not shorten its service life, even maintain the battery and extend its cycle life. With lithium-ion batteries, the right approach is slow charging rather than deep charging.

3.Charge with a suitable charger to prevent high current

Lithium-ion batteries are much more chemically reactive than lead-acid batteries and require a higher level of chargers. Once using an off-brand charger or an unsuitable fast charger, it will not only affect the service life of the lithium battery pack itself but also cause an explosion due to the damage of the diaphragm caused by overheating and short circuit. You’d better order the charger with the battery together from one same manufacturer.

4 .Do not overcharge. Lithium-ion batteries do not need to be activated

Many users charge their new lithium-ion batteries for 10-12 hours in the first three times according to the method of a lead-acid battery. They think that the lithium-ion battery needs to be activated, and guess it  has a huge impact on the life of the lithium ion battery. There is even a bizarre belief that charging a lithium-ion battery for another hour after it has been fully charged to counteract internal resistance, these are all wrong. The right thing to do is to just unplug it when it’s fully charged. Lithium-ion batteries in electric cars should not be charged overnight.

5.Do not be stored at full charge

Generally, the newly-purchased lithium-ion batteries in electric cars are 60-70% of the power, and few of them are fully charged. Long storage time at full charge will reduce the capacity of lithium-ion batteries. Batteries that have not been used for a long time need to be charged and discharged regularly. Besides, but also pay attention to the choice of better quality BMS. You can learn more charging skills and notes from Top 5 Charging Skills and Notes for Electric Vehicle Battery Pack in 2020.

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