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Electric bicycle fire and explosion accidents occur frequently, Top 5 points need to pay attention when purchase

Replace lead acid motorcycle lithium ion battery

In recent years, China has sold more than 30 million electric bicycles a year and has nearly 300 million electric bicycles and motorcycles already, according to data released by the China Bicycle Association in November 2020. At the same time, the electric bicycle fire and explosion accidents also show the situation of frequent occurrence. So far this year, 6,462 electric vehicle fires have occurred, with residential buildings, self built houses and shops along the streets being the most common places for electric vehicle fires, according to information released by the Fire and Rescue Bureau of the 2021 in July, electric failure and spontaneous combustion are the main causes of electric vehicle (EV) fires, while over-charging, single battery failure and short circuit are the fundamental causes.

According to the analysis of National Light Electric Vehicle and battery product quality inspection center, the electric bicycle related safety accidents mainly present the characteristics of the following aspects: traffic accidents used to be more, but now there are more fire accidents; Vehicle modification is the key behavior causing the accident, and vehicle batteries and chargers are the important source of the accident.

Replace lead acid motorcycle lithium ion battery

In response, the China Consumers Association electric vehicle and battery product quality inspection center issued the following warnings to consumers:

1.Make sure to buy lithium battery from a brand battery factory.

Since 2019, the state administration of market supervision and regulation has carried out state supervision and spot checks on electric bicycle products 3 times, 80 times in 2019,158 times in the second quarter of 2020 and 39 times in the fourth quarter of 2020, the unqualified finding rates were 28.8% , 15.1% and 25.6% respectively. The main quality problms found by spot-check are electrical equipment, speed limit, performance of water-spraying and water-spraying speed and prompting sound. Among them, electrical equipment project is not qualified to cause fire accident extremely easily. Therefore, consumers must go to the formal sales place or a better reputation of e-commerce operators to buy electric bicycles and electric bike battery. Purchase, should also carefully check whether there is compulsory product certification , relevant parts and components parameters are consistent with the certification . Stay away from non-standard or exceed the standard electric bicycle.

2.Use an original charger for moderate charging.

The original charger is compatible with the battery’s charge protection function, while other chargers lack such protection, which may damage the battery during charging and increase the safety risk. In addition, when charging, one should pay attention to avoid overcharging. Charging time is too long will not only affect the performance of the battery, but also easy to cause fire and explosion. Secondly, must pay attention to the standard wiring. Thirdly, pay attention to the charging environment. If the temperature is higher in summer, the used batteries of electric bicycles will be hotter. Do not charge them immediately. When charging, to put the charger in the place that easy to heat dissipation, and always check the charging situation, try not to choose night sleep when charging.

3.Do not illegally modify electric bicycles.

In general, regular manufacturers of electric bicycles and batteries meet the relevant safety standards, and a large proportion of deflagration accidents are caused by illegal modifications. It is understood that there are some unauthorized increase in battery capacity or will be large, small-capacity lead-acid battery illegally refitted into a large-capacity lithium battery and so on. In the course of refitting, it is easy to damage the safety performance of the electric circuit of the whole vehicle, thus causing overload and short circuit of the electric circuit of the vehicle, and the probability of the fire accident is also relatively increased. The China Consumer Association and the National Quality Inspection Center for Light Electric Vehicles and battery products remind consumers not to illegally modify electric bicycles with poor quality battery which don’t have protection board. If the battery of the electric bicycle has expired or there is a quality problem during the validity period that needs to be replaced, try to replace the same model motorcycle battery products to avoid accidents caused by battery malmatching.

4.Selection of centrally configured charging and parking locations.

Many consumers habitually park and charge their electric bicycles in buildings, or even park them in public areas such as public doorways, evacuation walkways, stairwells and fire exits, is not conducive to evacuation escape. Therefore, do not push the electric bicycle into the building, and do not take the battery disassembled into the room for charging. When charging and parking the electric bicycle, we should obey the district unified management and choose the suitable place with higher security.

5.Enhance safety awareness, regular inspection and maintenance.

Consumers should take the initiative to learn and understand the safe use of electric bicycles and related fire-fighting knowledge, pay attention to the scientific use of vehicles, avoid exposure of electric bicycles or batteries to the sun, rain and other conditions, while also as far as possible away from excessive heat sources, so as not to affect the heat dissipation performance of the lithium battery itself, resulting in high internal temperature of the battery, leading to the phenomenon of molten penetration and short circuit of the diaphragm. It is recommended that each year to the sales point or qualified maintenance sites of electric bicycle lines, lithium batteries and other parts for inspection and maintenance, do not remove the electrical protection device. In the course of inspection found that the line aging, wear and tear or battery quality problems have affected the safe use of electric bicycles, to be replaced in a timely manner to avoid “Extended service.”.

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