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Ebike Lithium Battery Guide

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All You Need To Know About E-bike Standard in Different Country

# U.S.A

The U.S. consumer product safety commission (the CPSC) regulation, low-speed electric bicycle or tricycle, have to pedal assembly, the output power of the electric motor does not exceed 750W, Max. speed not exceed 32km/h, and vehicle weight is not more than 50 kg. 

# Europe

The EPAC, with a maximum continuous output power of 250W and power off automatically when driving at 25 km/h speed. Voltage is not exceeded 48VDC.

# Canada.

Canada has required that standards for electric assist bikes have been defined as a two – or three-wheeled bicycle with an electric motor of less than 500W and the ability to pedal when there is no electricity. The maximum speed is 32km/h and the manufacturer must indicate on the body that it is an e-bike. 

# Australia

Under the Australian Government’s Motor Vehicle Standards Act, all vehicles on the road must comply with the Australian Design Code (ADRs) before they can be marketed: the vehicles covered by the ADRS include visual and electric vehicles. An electric bicycle is a bicycle equipped with pedals, loaded with one or more power generators, and the maximum output power is not more than 200W. The maximum speed does not exceed 50km/h.

# New Zealand

Vehicles with motor output power less than 300W are classified as electric bicycles and must follow the same specifications as bicycles. 

Considerations When Buying E-bike Battery

With technology development, lithium battery and people life are inseparable, lithium battery has been used in a large number of electric vehicles, including the electric bike. 

Advantage of Lithium-ion Batteries

Li-ion battery is more powerful than lead-acid battery at the initial stage; The weight of the same capacity is about 1/2-1/3 of lead-acid batteries; Lithium battery has a wide usage temperature range than lead-acid battery; The cycle life of lithium battery is 2-3 times than lead-acid battery; Lithium battery without harmful heavy metals to the human body, the human living environment more friendly, more environmental friendly.

What should customers consider?

When selecting e-bike batteries, we should first consider the E-bike voltage platform, use, cycling road conditions, and the driving mileage.

1.Voltage platform

For example, A 36-volt controller and motor, in general, requires a 36-volt pack. All controllers allow a range of voltages before they pop so it’s highly probable you could go to a 52-volt battery even though your controller is rated for 48 volts. By over-voltage your 48V controller and motor with a 52V battery, you get a nice performance gain with a low chance of your controller. Upping the voltage of your battery slightly is the easiest way to get a performance gain on an existing electric bike set up.

After the voltage is determined, Smartpropel develops battery products for electric bicycle, it will make precise positioning according to the use of the products, cycling environment. Configure different capacity of lithium batteries according to different positioning.

2.The use of an E-bike

For the electric bike, the general use is divided into daily or called urban mobility, suburban leisure and entertainment, sports and fitness, land exploration, cross-country exploration, and mountain conquest, and so on. 

Different usage scenario requires different motor, controller and lithium battery.

3.Cycling road condition

There will be flat paved roads, undulating countryside terrain, mixed roads, mountain trails, and steep climbing trails.It is easy to understand that if the road is steep and bumpy, in order to reach the same speed and drive range, should need larger battery pack.

How to select the right lithium battery capacity?

For example, the electric bike on the South Sichuan Tibet line, which is suitable for all-terrain cycling, requires a lot of torque to overcome the harsh and complicated road surface and has a long-range, so the configuration of a larger capacity 576Wh light efficient lithium battery. Range: Sport: 80-100 Km; Normal: 100-120 Km; Eco: 200-240 km, which is just what you need for a planned daily cycle of about 200 km.

Of course, it is necessary to bring a spare battery to the South Sichuan-Tibet line, which is the most difficult drive road in the eyes of cycling enthusiasts.

Equipped with 432Wh lightweight high-efficiency lithium battery, Sports E-bike can support you for urban mobility, range parameters: Sport: 40-50Km; Normal: 50-60Km; Eco: 100-120Km, this parameter can be adjusted when the power-up mode in SPORT, the instant release of a strong 80Nm Torque to meet the needs of hill climbing race.

An E-bike with a 360Wh light-weight high-efficiency lithium battery is a good choice for leisure. Its excellent cost performance can meet the use of long-distance leisure riding, the original car configuration range: Sport: 30-40 Km; Normal: 40-60 Km; Eco: 60-80 km.

One more thing I have to mention, not the higher capacity, the better. Despite the cost reason, due to increasing the high capacity, the weight will increase at the same time, too much weight will influence the E-bike loading and influence the endurance mileage as well. So choose the suitable lithium battery pack according to your using application, instead of just choose the one with highest capacity.

How to charge an E-bike battery correctly?

1.Pay attention to charging safety. 

Don’t pull the wire privately to charge in the room or corridor. Try to charge in a safe charging place with short circuit protection, automatic alarm, and other functions.

2.Avoid overcharging. 

Avoid long charging time, in principle the charging time should not exceed 10 hours.

3.Use the matched charger

You should use the original charger or the charger matching the battery voltage and other parameters. Chargers that do not match the battery parameters can be a fire hazard even if they are of good quality. So 

4.Check the battery condition. 

It is recommended to go to a professional maintenance site every six months to a year for an inspection, you should replace the battery in time if you find that the battery is bulging or the wiring is aging.

How to maintenance a lithium battery pack well?

1.The matching between charger and lithium battery.

Most lithium battery failures are due to charging damage, not the quality of the battery itself. This shows the importance of matching the batteries with the right chargers. There are two situations: one is that the new chargers themselves do not match the parameters provided by the lithium battery manufacturers. Second, the quality of the components of the charger is poor, at the beginning of use, it is can be said match, after many cycles of use, because of temperature rise, the charger itself component aging, resulting in charging voltage and conversion current drift, the battery will be damaged.

We suggest to buy the charger which matched from the lithium battery manufacturer, do not purchase low quality and cheap charger. You will lose more if damage to the E-bike battery pack.

2.Regular and timely recharging.

There is a common misconception among consumers that the life of a battery is reduced once it is recharged, so when the battery power consumption to the controllers’ protection voltage ,then they start to recharge. But this is not only can not protect the battery but also shorten the battery life. Slightly charge & discharge E-bike battery is good for battery pack healthy status better than deep charge & discharge. So to remind the majority of consumers, should be timely to recharge the E-bike battery.

3.Don’t ride when the light shows that the power is low.

The indicator light shows the situation of under-voltage when riding on the road but still keep riding a section of the way to shut-down, this is very harmful to the battery, serious over-discharge will impact the battery pack cycle life.

4.When the electric bike just starts, climb, overload should try to help pedal.

5.Riding in the rain, should try to avoid the switch and connector be wet, prevent leakage.

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