Ebike Battery Pack / 48V 17Ah Electric Bike Lithium Battery- Highlong Down Tube Type

SmartPropel High Quality Ebike Battery have excellent performance with diversity models. Long cycle life and safety during your usage.

– Capacity, Power, Voltage and Cell can be customized as your requirement for Min. sample order 1PCS.

– BMS protect battery no fire, no explosion, prevent over-discharge, over-charge, and short circuit. No safety risk.

– LED screen to monitor the battery pack energy status.

– Easy to remove, portable.

– Portable/Fashionable/Key control/Protection Board/Wonderful/Handle/Metal Case/Durable/Deep Cycle/Long Life/Strong Energy/Rechargeable/Safe/No memory effect/Low self discharge/High efficiency

Ebike Lithium battery Sales

ModelHL36V 10AhHL48V 17.5Ah
Nominal voltage36V 48V
Nominal capacity10Ah17.5Ah
Charge voltage42V54.6V
Standard charge current2A3.5A
Continuous discharge current15-20A20-25A
Discharge cut off voltage28V36.4V
Net weight3.2kg4.2kg
Case dimension367*90*92mm367*90*111mm
Cycle life500 times
Warranty1 year
BMS functionOver-charge,over-discharge,over-current,short circuit
Fit motors250W,350W,400W,500W350W,400W,500W,750W,800W
Charge temperature0 ~ 45°C
Discharge temperature-20 ~ 60°C
Available colorsBlack
Charge methodCC/CV
Charge portXLR interface

More Ebike Battery Design Models We Can Do

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SmartPropel a professional  battery manufacturer and power solution provider located in Shenzhen and Dongguan.Focus on providing power supply one-stop solution for worldwide. Main products are Ebike lithium battery, Escooter lithium battery, motorcycle battery, golf cart battery, special equipment battery, household energy storage system, outdoor portable power supply.

SmartPropel R&D team consists of elites with more than 15 years technical & production experiences in the lithium battery industry. With the low-energy, pollution-free production processes, and the semi-automatic flow operation mode to make sure a good production efficiency. We strictly control every detail in terms of the quality inspection.

From R&D, production to quality inspection, it has carried out hundreds of simulation calculations and test verification. In order to realize the consistency, safety and reliability of the final lithium battery pack meet the international leading level.


Safety is the prerequisite and quality is the foundation. We had built a full-featured comprehensive laboratory that integrates capacity testing, short circuit testing, overcharge testing, heavy object impact testing, high & low temperature testing,vibration testing, etc. 

Every batch battery will be tested striclty. No fire, no explosion with stable chemical structure.It ensure the product quality, safety and service life with professional technology and equipment.


SMARTPROPEL meets the requirements to export batteries to worldwide foreign countries.1 year warranty is provided in case any possible problems.Our lithium battery have passed below market main certificates.

  • CE
  • UN38.3
  • MSDS
  • Aviation and Maritime certificate,ect
lithium battery certification


ebike battery application



Collect technical details for further process

How to do

After get inquiry from your side, we will learn more details about your battery requirements and application scenario.
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Engineering team evaluate above information

How to do

Our engineers evaluate the technical data provided by customers and work out the mode to design and assemble.
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Confirm every details on technical and business

How to do

After customer approval our technical specs and quotation, then we prepare PI for customers to pay for production.
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Start production and delivery when they are ready

How to do

We arrange production as soon as receive advance payments and strictly control every production details.
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lithium battery cell
lithium battery BMS
Shell Structure


Original A grade cell.Best consistency, powerful performance above 2000 cycles. LG cells provided, including cylindrical cell, pouch cell and aluminum cell.


First level BMS manufacturer, protect battery no fire, no explosion, prevent over-discharge, over-charge and short current. Support Can Communication.


High quality wire & plug which ensure the battery safety & lifespan. Adopt high-temperature-resistant wire output mode to increase conductor reliability.


Adopt waterproof and anti-collision metal shell, suitable for diversity environments. IP65 protection level,which makes the performance of the battery to the utmost.

Lithium battery design
Battery Standard Models
lithium battery production equipment
1 PCS battery sample


Our engineer custom the best solution considering mechanical & electrical concepts. We care with each details: welding, cable, BMS, best insulation processing, etc.


Apply standard modules, from 36V,48V,60V to 72V, diversity models is ready for you to choose for your electric vehicles, which can replace the lead-acid battery directly.


We imported advanced production equipment such as integrated battery cell sorting machine, automatic spot-welding machine, charge and discharge integrated aging tester, etc.


Based on diversity application scenario, capacity, voltage, power and cell can be customized. To enhance cooperation at the beginning stage ,Min. sample order is 1 Pcs.

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7 Points To be Noted For Lithium Battery Pack Customization

Due to the diversity battery application field, lithium battery pack customization is a mainstream trend recently. Through customization, the lithium battery pack can be most suitable according to your space and usage technical requirements. Here SmartPropel listed 7 points that we should concern during customization.

1.Forbidden different types battery cell mixed-use

Different types of battery cell can not be mixed-use, battery structure, chemical composition, and battery performance deviation will lead to a serious potential safety hazard.

2.Forbidden different batch battery cell mixed-use

Different batches of lithium cells should not be mixed-use, which will affect the consistency between the individual battery cell. The products of the same batch are those from the same mixing process, with the same chemical composition and with the closest consistency between the cell monomers.

3.Choose “Top A”  “EV battery level” cell

There are different levels of battery cells, from “A level”, “B level” to “Recycled” battery spread in the market. Even for “A top” battery cells, there’s also have different classify, separately for customer products, for ESS, and for EV. “EV battery level” cell is the best lithium battery cell, for excellent electric vehicles have high requirements on the consistency, cycle life, and discharge rate. The battery cell is the soul of the battery pack. Only with excellent cells can ensure the battery pack wonderful performance.

4.Select high precise BMS

In order to make sure electric vehicles work well during the operating, the traditional protective board is not enough, except protects the battery no fire, no explosion, prevent over-discharge, over-charge, and short circuits, BMS has further functions, such as heating management, capacity calculation, power detection, SOC&SOH detection, Communication function, system self-check, etc.  High precise BMS will protect the battery well during usage and ensure the battery have a longer cycle life and better performance.

5.Apply high-quality accessories

An excellent battery pack can not exist without high-quality accessories. Adopt high-temperature-resistant wire output mode to increase conductor reliability. Use strong battery bracket and sheet metal shell enhance the battery pack robustness, IP65 waterproof, easy to carry and assemble.

6.Adopt first-class technology and advanced skills

Make sure the battery cells must be strictly tested and capacity grading before assemble. Introduce high precision electric welding machines, all workers are strictly trained with advanced technology skills for the packing procedure and notes.

7.Comply with international standards

The battery pack should comply with international standards. Ensure the battery pack is assembled with stable performance and long cycle life. All battery packs will be tested at least 48 hours before delivery.

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