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An Extremely Detailed 48V Lithium ion Battery Assembly Tutorial

prismatic cell battery pack

The 48V lithium battery is one of the more common lithium battery specifications, and the 48V lithium battery is the highest battery voltage allowed by the new national standard for electric bicycles. In addition, the battery cost of the lithium battery electric bicycle is relatively high, presumably some users who have hand operation ability may have assembled their own battery packs to reduce the cost of using lithium ion batteries, and now share a detailed 48V lithium iron phosphate battery assembly tutorial, the cells used in this tutorial are prismatic cells, not 18650 lithium batteries.

Prismatic cell battery pack

Lithium battery assembly tutorial, how to assemble their own lithium battery?

1. Before assembling a 48V lithium battery pack, it is necessary to calculate the size of the product and the required load capacity, etc. , then, according to the capacity of the product, and then select the right battery cell.

2. Containers to hold the lithium batteries also need to be prepared in case the assembled lithium battery cell have position change when it is moved. Material is prepared for isolating the lithium battery string and for better fixing effect, the two lithium batteries are bonded together with adhesive materials such as silicone rubber.

3. Arrange the lithium batteries in a regular way, then use materials to fix each string of lithium batteries. After fixing each string of lithium battery, it is best to use insulating materials such as highland barley paper to separate each string of lithium battery, in case lithium battery shell broken and lead to short-circuit later.

4. After being arranged and fixed, the nickel strip can be used for the main step of series connection. After the series connection of the lithium battery pack is completed, use tape to tie up the battery, positive and negative points should cover up first with highland barley paper , so as to avoid subsequent operation errors lead to short circuit.

48V lithium iron phosphate battery assembly detailed tutorial

1. Select the appropriate cell, cell type, voltage, internal resistance which need to be matched, before assembly please do a good balance to the cell. Cut the electrode and punch the hole.

2. Calculate the distance according to the hole, and make the insulation board.

3. Tighten that screw., please use the flange nut, to prevent nut off, after screw connection, you can be fixed lithium battery pack.

4. Connect and welding the wire, connect the voltage acquisition wire(equalization wire) , do not external contact protection plate, to avoid the protection plate accidentally burned.Fasten the Insulate silicone, which hardens over time.

5. Place the protection board. If you forget to equalize the battery before, this is the last chance before the lithium battery is assembled.

6. Secure the battery pack with insulation board, and pack it with nylon tape, which is more durable.

7. Make the lithium battery overall package, please be sure to fix the cell and the protection board, battery pack can still guarantee normal work after fall from 1 meter height,

8. Secure the entire lithium battery pack with insulation sheets and wrap it with nylon tape, which is more durable.

9. Pack the battery pack with battery case, please be sure to fix the battery and protection board.battery pack can still guarantee normal work after fall from 1 meter height.

10. The output and input interface all uses the silicone wire. The overall weight of the lithium iron cell is half that of the lead-acid cell.

11. The tutorial is complete and the lithium battery is tested to meet the requirements.

Prismatic battery cell assemble

How do you assemble a satisfactory lithium battery pack?

1. Choose good quality and reliable lithium battery cell.The battery cell should have good consistency and excellent performance.

2. Have a good lithium battery protection board, protection boards are good and bad intermingled on the market, from the appearance is difficult to distinguish, should choose a better digital circuit control protection board for the battery pack.

3. Use lithium specific battery charger, do not use ordinary lead-acid battery charger, and charging voltage should match with the protection board balanced starting voltage.

Future of lithium-ion Battery Assembly

With the development of lithium battery pack and the continuous maturity of commercial production technology, the cost of products has dropped greatly, and its technical indexes are better than those of traditional batteries, which are now widely used , the global lithium battery industry is expected to reach US $27.81 billion. By 2020, the industrial application of new energy vehicles will increase the size of the industry to more than US $50 billion.

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