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AGV lithium battery maintenance these points need to keep in mind in 2021

AGV lithium battery

In order to make it easier for customers and partners to use AGV lithium battery products in 2021, and to avoid damage to the batteries due to low battery capacity and long idle time,SmartPropel specially organized the following points of friendship tips:

AGV Battery
  1. Please keep the lithium battery fully charged before the holiday, and check whether the vehicle keys, emergency stop switches, battery switches, etc. are turned off before the full charge is placed. If conditions permit, please manually unplug the battery Plug, with the battery cover to prevent AGV battery damage in the process of aging and affect the normal use of years after the resumption of work.
  2. After using the charging post, unplug the power supply of the charging post in the charging area.
  3. Keep AGV Indoors in a cool, dry and safe environment. Keep AGV away from hazardous materials such as corrosive chemicals and dangerous mechanical devices. It is not recommended to keep AGV outdoors, battery damage can occur because of poor outdoor conditions or low temperatures.
  4. The battery should be charged within 24 hours after discharge. AGV’s empty-current placement may lead to the damage of the battery inner cell, and the damage of the battery cell is irreversible.
  5. If the lithium battery is placed for a long time, please fill it up at least once a month and keep the battery capacity of AGV not less than 90% when it is idle.
  6. Please use the original battery charger adapter of Smartpropel to charge the lithium battery, in order to prevent the battery and charger do not fit, resulting in battery life loss, or bring unnecessary security risks.
  7. If you find that your AGV is not working properly after a long period of idling, please use the original charger to activate it. If not, it is recommended to use the charger compulsory mode.
  8. If you need to remove the battery from the AGV, make sure the battery port is away from the metal conductive material to prevent the positive and negative short connection of the battery.
  9. It is not recommended that multiple batteries be stacked or that heavier objects be placed on them and that they be placed away from hazardous materials.
  10. If you need to delivery or transport batteries, please contact SmatPropel for guidance on packaging to prevent battery damage during transportation.

The above points of friendship tips, I hope you can bring some help to reduce some troubles.

Original Writer: Nancy Liu