Escooter/ Motorcycle Lithium Battery 60V 30Ah Lithium Battery Pack

SmartPropel Motorcycle Battery Pack, Scooter Battery Pack and Tricycle Battery Pack are equipped with A grade lithium battery cell, high-quality protection board, and superior accessories. All motorcycle, scooter or tricycle batteries can installation flexibility and maintenance-free.

– Capacity, Power, Voltage, and Cell can be customized as your requirement for Min. sample order 1PCS.

– The battery pack will be no fire, no explosion, the protection board plays an important role to prevent over-discharge, over-charge, and short circuit. Highly reduce the safety risk.

– Adopt high-temperature-resistant wire output mode to increase conductor reliability.

– Battery packs comply with international standards, have stable performance and long cycle life.

– Portable/Light/Protection board/Wonderful/Handle/ Durable/Deep Cycle/Long Life/Strong Energy/High efficiency/Rechargeable/Safe/No memory effect/Low self-discharge


Nominal Voltage61.2V
Nominal Capacity30Ah
Series and Parallel Connection17S1P
Resistance≤40 mΩ 
Cycle Life800 cycles @80%DOD
Power Motor range800-1500W
Driving Distance90Km


Dimensions (L x W x H)251*183*160mm
Cell TypePouch Cell(30Ah)
Case MaterialMetal


Standard Charge Current≤6A
Max Charge Current≤15A
Continuous discharge current≤ 15A
Pulse discharge current≤30A
Over-discharge protection cut-off voltage46.7V 
Over-charge protection cut-off voltage71.4V


Discharge Temperature-4 to 140 ºF (-20 to 60 ºC)
Charge Temperature32 to 113 ºF (0 to 45 ºC)
Storage Temperature77±3 ºF  (25±3ºC)


Certifications for cellCE

Electric scooter Lithium Battery Product Feature

1.Light weight. In the same capacity, 1/3 weight compared with a lead-acid battery.

2. Larger capacity. In the same dimension, nearly 3 times capacity compared with a lead-acid battery.

3. Longer range. In the same condition, drive 5-20% longer than a lead-acid battery.

4. Low requirements, can drive from -25 to 60 degrees.


Electric scooter Battery Application

It is suitable for 99% of the models and brands on the market.

Applicable models include electric bicycles, electric moped, electric haulage tricycles, etc.

Applicable to: take-out, express, department store, soliciting, household, enterprise, etc.


Battery Pack Internal Structure


0 / 5 0


Passed the below abuse and safety test :

short-circuit, dropping, nail penetration, impact, crush, thermal shock, over-charge,over-discharge.

No fire, no explosion with stable chemical structure.


How is Quality & Production Guaranteed?

Lithium Battery Cells passed market main certifications,  UL, CB, IEC 62133, CE, MSDS, RoHS, etc.

1 Year Product Warranty is provided in case any possible problems.


How Application Case

1.Electric vehicle

— Golf cart battery/Low-speed electric car battery/ Tricycle Battery /Motorcycle battery/Ebike Battery

2.Energy Storage

–Solar-Wind Power System / City Grid (On/Off) / Telcom Base / Computer Server Center

3. Intelligent Equipment & Special Equipment

–Robert Battery/ AGV  battery/Forklift battery/ Tow truck battery/Sweeper battery

4.Other Applications

–Drone battery / Electric tools battery / Emergency Light battery/ Starter battery/Medical instruments battery



Lithium Battery Application Field

Design & Production & Delivery

Smartpropel design lithium battery pack according to customers requirements and make the most suitable energy solutions for customers in 1 week.


We understand customer’s concern on the lead time, and we always do our best to shorten our production time without sacrificing quality.

For the sample order, the lead time is  30 days.

For mass production, the lead time is 45 days.

We work with DHL, UPS, FEDEX, TNT and China Post Office internationally. We suggest delivering samples and small quantity orders via DHL, UPS, FEDEX, TNT and big quantity orders via shipping by the sea.



OEM & ODM Service

In the lithium battery industry, different customers may have different requirements on their batteries, because of their different applications. Besides, most customers would prefer to have the batteries with their own brand.

Smartpropel provides customization and OEM & ODM service all the time.


Thank you for your visiting to our showroom, please feel free to contact us, we promise to offer you a professional & effective solution plan, and excellent high-quality products as well.

About SmartPropel

SmartPropel a professional high technology battery manufacturer and power solution provider located in  Shenzhen and Dongguan.

Focus on providing power supply one-stop solution for customers all around the world. Products can be widely used in the mini electric vehicle, motorcycle, tricycle, golf cart, household energy storage system, intelligent equipment, special equipment, and communication base station system, etc.

1.Technology Strength

A comprehensive technical and professional team. The R & D team brings together lots of the best people in the battery industry. At present, it has 3 patents for invention and 12 patents for utility model. Advanced technology makes Smartpropel has stronger competitiveness in the international market.

2.Excellent leading team

Leading team has more than 15 years of lithium battery fieldwork experience, has rich management experience and extremely high team cohesive force.

3.Customer service

High-end customer cooperation experience at domestic and abroad. Have been cooperated with  Johnson & Johnson, ZTE, VOLVO and other well-known enterprises as a strategic partner.

4.Industrial Chain

The company has the most complete industrial chain, from polymer lithium battery, cylindrical lithium ion battery, pouch battery, starter lithium battery, large capacity lithium battery pack, electric vehicle battery pack to the energy storage system. Provide various type of lithium battery customization. Customers can easily achieve one-stop procurement here.

Smartpropel established the scientific competition and incentive mechanism advocates the positive enterprising, tenaciously indomitable enterprise spirit. We create a good unity and upward working atmosphere, committed to the development of high capacity, high quality, high-performance lithium battery products.

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7 Points To be Noted For Lithium Battery Pack Customization

Due to the diversity battery application field, lithium battery pack customization is a mainstream trend recently. Through customization, the lithium battery pack can be most suitable according to your space and usage technical requirements. Here SmartPropel listed 7 points that we should concern during customization.

1.Forbidden different types battery cell mixed-use

Different types of battery cell can not be mixed-use, battery structure, chemical composition, and battery performance deviation will lead to a serious potential safety hazard.

2.Forbidden different batch battery cell mixed-use

Different batches of lithium cells should not be mixed-use, which will affect the consistency between the individual battery cell. The products of the same batch are those from the same mixing process, with the same chemical composition and with the closest consistency between the cell monomers.

3.Choose “Top A”  “EV battery level” cell

There are different levels of battery cells, from “A level”, “B level” to “Recycled” battery spread in the market. Even for “A top” battery cells, there’s also have different classify, separately for customer products, for ESS, and for EV. “EV battery level” cell is the best lithium battery cell, for excellent electric vehicles have high requirements on the consistency, cycle life, and discharge rate. The battery cell is the soul of the battery pack. Only with excellent cells can ensure the battery pack wonderful performance.

4.Select high precise BMS

In order to make sure electric vehicles work well during the operating, the traditional protective board is not enough, except protects the battery no fire, no explosion, prevent over-discharge, over-charge, and short circuits, BMS has further functions, such as heating management, capacity calculation, power detection, SOC&SOH detection, Communication function, system self-check, etc.  High precise BMS will protect the battery well during usage and ensure the battery have a longer cycle life and better performance.

5.Apply high-quality accessories

An excellent battery pack can not exist without high-quality accessories. Adopt high-temperature-resistant wire output mode to increase conductor reliability. Use strong battery bracket and sheet metal shell enhance the battery pack robustness, IP65 waterproof, easy to carry and assemble.

6.Adopt first-class technology and advanced skills

Make sure the battery cells must be strictly tested and capacity grading before assemble. Introduce high precision electric welding machines, all workers are strictly trained with advanced technology skills for the packing procedure and notes.

7.Comply with international standards

The battery pack should comply with international standards. Ensure the battery pack is assembled with stable performance and long cycle life. All battery packs will be tested at least 48 hours before delivery.

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