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5 most important maintenance methods for electric bicycle lithium battery pack

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After qualified Ebike lithium battery comes out of the factory, the battery life and performance depend on the usage and maintenance of customers. How to maintenance a lithium battery pack well, I wish the below 5 tips can help you.

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1. The matching between charger and lithium battery.

Most of the lithium batteries used in electric bicycles are failed, due to charged damaged, not worn out. This shows the importance of matching the batteries with the right chargers. There are two situations: one is that the new chargers themselves do not match the parameters provided by the lithium battery manufacturers; second, the quality of the charger’s components is poor, at the beginning of use, it is can be said match, after many charge & discharge cycles use, because of temperature rise, the charger itself component aging, resulting in charging voltage and conversion current drift, the battery will be damaged.

Here suggest consumer and Ebike manufacturer had better buy the charger that the li-ion battery manufacturer matches, do not purchase low quality and cheap charger, if damage the Ebike battery pack, you will lose more.

2. Regular and timely recharging.

There is a common misconception among consumers that the life of a battery is reduced once it is recharged, so each time the battery power consumption to the controller’s protection voltage before starting to recharge, but this is not only can not protect the battery, but also shorten the battery life. Slightly charge & discharge Ebike battery is good for battery pack healthy status better than deep charge & discharge. So to remind the majority of consumers, the electric bicycle battery pack should be timely to the battery recharge.

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3. Don’t ride when the light shows that the pressure is low.

Some consumers ride in the middle of the road, the indicator light shows the situation of under-voltage, to take a break and then ride a section of the way, which is very harmful to the battery, serious over-discharge will impact the battery pack cycle life.

4. When the electric bike just starts, climb, overload should try to help pedal.

5. Riding in the rain, should try to avoid the switch and connector be wet, prevent leakage.

Knowing more about batteries will have a positive effect on the maintenance of lithium-ion batteries for electric bicycles.

SmartPropel Original Writer: Nancy