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4 good usage habits, help your electric bike battery run further

Hailong Ebike lithium battery

There are various Ebike battery type spread on the market from Sliver Fish Ebike battery, Hailong Ebike battery, Bottle Ebike battery, etc.SmartPropel Ebike battery all use Top A quality level lithium battery, cycle life is more than 800 times, 3C discharge rate.

Ebike Customized Battery quality is most important factor to run further.Except the quality of the battery, how to make your electric bike ride farther and live longer? This should be concerned by all ebike owner to concern as following.

Hailong Type Ebike Lithium Battery

1. Accelerate gradually to avoid braking too often

In the beginning, many electric bike users like to adjust the speed of the screw quickly turned to the maximum, in fact, such a way of use will increase power consumption. In the use of electric vehicles, should be done to accelerate gradually, while avoiding frequent emergency braking, not only to save electricity, but also to reduce the loss of motor and other parts.

2.Drive at a constant speed to avoid going too fast or too slow

In the process of cycling, in order to make electric bike more energy-saving, it is best to keep a uniform speed, while the speed of cycling, it will increase the power consumption of electric vehicles. In addition, many electric vehicles now have top speeds of more than 40 KMH, but such high speed is very power-consuming. Related data shows that when the electric bike speed is maintained at 20 km/h, the voltage output is the most stable, riding at this speed, the electric vehicle battery is the most energy-efficient and the longest range.

3. When the battery is out of power, try to start with foot pedal

When the electric car is in the state of power loss, remember not to force start, but should use pedal power start, and then normal cycling. Doing so can effectively prevent battery damage, but also can avoid the battery too fast to drain clean, extend the range of electric bikes.

4. Look ahead and avoid drive on bumpy roads

Jolting the road will cause shock damage to battery current discharge, adversely affect mileage and service life, and even cause damage to parts of electric bikes, there are even cases where the battery is not charged or is constantly undercharged. So when we ride in peacetime, we should pay attention to ahead of time to observe the road conditions, avoid bumpy road section.

SmartPropel Ebike battery

Good riding habits, for the delay of electric vehicle damage is very critical! In addition, SmartPropel also has to remind, charging mode on the battery life is also effect a lot, do not always overcharge and do not use non-original, non-matching charger to charge, always check the charger and battery, and maintenance, electric bikes can ride farther, longer life!